Friday, August 15, 2008

Turkey's Task as Political Future of Caucasus Redrawn
Oil vs. Water


businessman said...

I came across this map of existing pipelines in the Black Sea/Caspian Sea/Middle Eastern areas and I thought I'd pass it along:

Rice Farmer said...

And there is a link to a more extensive map of the whole European region showing pipelines for oil, gas, and finished products. Ultimately, everything is up for grabs. A pipeline that seems safe today could tomorrow be "under new management" or just not flowing any more. All this wishful thinking about how we're going to run the industrial system on solar panels and windmills will end up being just that.

businessman said...

I agree, Rice Farmer.

I remember Mike Ruppert wrote an article several weeks ago telling us to prepare for all these new faces that will appear in the media with their own solutions to the energy problem. And now I'm seeing these recent commercials featuring T. Boone Pickens telling us that he has a solution, and showing us windmills in his ads. And I've read that this new campaign is costing him $58 million, too.

I have to believe that with how serious this energy problem is, and how few people really understand it, that a lot of insiders are going to be forming their own companies and proposing their own solutions to the problem, and getting billions of dollars in funding to spend on these worthless solutions, too. This problem is going to get so intense and the government will respond by showing the people that they're spending money on the solution, and some very well connected people are going to make a fortune off of these solutions that just don't work.

Rice Farmer said...

I'm very pleased to see we have a sensible businessman on the list!

I do hope to see massive and immediate spending on things like solar and wind, but not because I think it will save industrial civilization. I just think that having some renewables in place will help achieve a soft landing, or at least mitigate the crash.

BTW, over at The Oil Drum there is a great post (apparently the first in a series) by Jeff Vail on what he calls "geopolitical feedback loops." Geopolitical factors are conspiring to bring oil decline sooner than it would happen by geology alone. And we can see this at work right now in Georgia. Highly recommended.