Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Iran Ready to Discuss EU's Nuclear Offer
Note Iran's statement that it would never attack Israel.
Does Gold, Commodities Surge Signal Impending War?
How Iran Has Bush Over a Barrel

Russia Presses US Bank Over Money Laundering

FTW Milestones

Sept. 1999 – FTW breaks an exclusive story tying the Bank of New York(BoNY) to the laundering of up to $15 billion in stolen IMF funds and organized crime proceeds from Russia. This cash flow nearly quadrupled the Bank's share prices and resulted in three successive 2:1 stock splits. In a prelude to the Enron scandal FTW also shows how the compensation packages for BoNY execs increased by 600%.

Beginning in 1999 FTW began a series of what would be three stories detailing how the U.S. looted Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Mike's reporting was so accurate that it got him invited to an economic conference in Moscow in March of 2001. Compare what Mike wrote nine years ago with these recent developments in U.S. courts.

Presidential Directive Orders Sharing of Biometric Data
Defense Intelligence Agency Reports Loss of Padilla Video
Southern Californian Residents Gear Up to Fight Secretive Expansion of Blackwater
Willard Report
On Unauthorized Disclosure of Classified Information
Fade to Black: Is This the End of Oil?
the last year has seen major oil companies begin to make more noises about potential problems ahead. Foremost among them has been head of the French oil company Total, Christophe de Margerie, who has declared that world production will never exceed 100 billion barrels a day, a level of demand expected in less than a decade. "The oil companies are changing their tune," says Campbell. "They can't quite say 'peak' in so many words. They don't want to rock the boat."

Mumia Abu Jamal Recognizes Peak Oil
Michael Kane's blog.
The Word "Rape" Banned at Rape Trial
BBC Uncovers Lost Iraq Billions


JohnT said...

There was an interesting episode of "30 Days" that I found free on the internet that I wanted to share with the rest of the FTW community. There is no exact mention of "peak oil", they speak briefly about hydrogen cars and so forth, but it shows many interesting things that the people in an experimental eco-village are trying that may be helpful in an oil-less world. The episode is called "Off The Grid".

You have to sign up for an account on Hulu, but it is a quick and harmless registration.

Rice Farmer said...

Feature article on high crude prices on today's financial page. It described the huge expenses involved in developing new deepsea fields, and discussed rising world demand. But not one mention of peak oil, which of course is needed to explain WHY deepsea fields are so sought after or why junk oil is making money.

There were some rather unsettling facts on the failure of Japanese oil companies to secure enough new fields, or even to lease enough drilling rigs and other equipment needed to develop what they have. Everywhere you look, they have fallen short of their goals.

Rice Farmer said...

I got a 404 when clicking the link for "Does gold, commodities surge signal war?" but found an article with the exact same title here:
Same content, perhaps.

D! said...

Is anyone else feeling a sort of sick and empty vindication in regards to the current status of the world? I want to delude myself into thinking that at some point it won't be necessary to "argue" that there are dreadful gears in motion designed to, intentionally or consequently, destroy our world as we know it. The continuing willful indifference towards acknowledging these problems is baffling, and all I can feel is utter contempt and disgust for my fellow ignorant man. I really am losing all sense of hope here in Los Angeles. I crave a return to the rural areas I came to Love over the last 6 months.

Anonymous said...

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FTW admin said...

no relation, so far as i know.