Saturday, May 03, 2008

World Poll: Oil Has Peaked
King Abdullah Drops Quiet Bombshell: U.S. Media Sleep Through It
Presidential Transition: National Security Considerations
Justice Department Details Program for Collecting DNA from People in Federal Custody
New Anti-Terrorism Laws Allow U.S. to Spy on British Motorists
NORAD Releases 9/11 Tapes
Wayne Madsen: Third NSA Source Says Flight 93 Shot Down
Running Out of Planet to Exploit: Krugman
21st Century Muckrakers
U.S. General 'Duped" Over Guantanamo Bay
Basic Structures and Procedures of Science and Technology Policy Making
Expanded Use of National Security Letters by FBI et al.
Hearing on Secret Law
Heart Device Found Vulnerable to Hacker Attacks


Dino said...

Psychopaths & Sociopaths have taken control of governments worldwide. I want to pose a question to anyone who feel as though they want to respond:

My thoughts of getting involved with a "Gated Community" are increasing. Where within the United States, would you suggest a family live wanting to get involved with a "Gated Community" who has the knowledge that we have concerning the collapse of this system?

Rice Farmer said...

Well, here are my thoughts. Gates and walls aren't going to keep out the hungry hordes. I live out in the boonies, but I still expect visits from Hungry Visitors. You want to be in a place that's not near a big city, and which has water, forested land, and farmland (resources). Putting some distance between yourself and big cities will reduce the number of Hungry Visitors, but those who arrive will not be deterred by gates and walls. So find a good location (i.e., has resources and is not near a big city), and then build a community. You can't do much by yourself, but a community of mutually supportive people can achieve a lot. And as a community you can do a much better job of dealing with Hungry Visitors. And who knows -- some of those visitors might decide to stay and become productive members of the community, which will further strengthen your position.

So, gates and walls should not be a criterion in choosing where to locate. If you find a good location which just happens to have gates and walls, then that's fine. But a gated community that's in or near a city and is short on resources is not where I would choose to locate. HTH.

Anonymous said...

rural... the farther away from big cities the better. They will be the easiest to enforce martial law and the higher concentration of population in the area you live, the greater the chance of theft and violent crime. People quickly revert to sub-human levels when faced with their abrupt extermination.

D! said...

I would like know everyones thoughts on just how much time we have left here in the states before things get really bad.

I am 24 years old and have a decision to make between starting a community on someone else's property or going in on a 5 year business venture in the hopes of earning enough money to buy my own place.

I don't want to get caught unprepared if SHTF, but this is probably the only chance I will have to ever make something of my own.

Any ideas?

Dino said...

Well, Rice Farmer & jwfearman, you both confirmed what I already knew. I just needed to hear it from someone else. I am in the process even now as I type this message, of looking for a state & land that is far away from any big city. I have 2 other people (with their families) who are working with me to find the land and state. We will be soliciting support and involvement from other people who wish to be a part of the community once we get set up. Which we are pushing to happen very soon (maybe within a few months). Thank you both for weighing in.

As for an answer for d, I would say things are spinning out of control very fast. I would say to seriously put a plan together & into action - very fast.

Rice Farmer said...

Dino, that is very sensible. A community is the way to go. That allows people to pool their resources and talents, thereby exponentially multiplying their strengths through synergy.

I moved into one of Japan's typical "depopulated" mountain villages. The older people, while still not convinced that the system is falling apart, do have a lot of survival knowledge to offer, and their time will come. The people like me, who came from outside, are aware of how bad the situation is, and we are getting set up to combine our strengths and weather the storm together. We have ideas, we have talent, we have resources, and we are up in the hills, away from the cities. Now all we need is luck...

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Saudi "bombshell", here's a new Zen Koan:

If a tree falls in the desert and no one wants to hear it, does it make a sound?