Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cheney's Handwritten Notes Implicate Bush in Plame Affair
Stafford Act on FEMA and Emergency Response To Be Rewritten
US Tests Response to Set of Calamities
Whom Should MDs Let Die In a Pandemic?
US Navy Deploys Around Latin America
"American arms manufacturers are no longer alone in this market: some European countries, but especially China, Russia and Iran, are trying to get a footing in a region that also attracts them for its natural resource and energy potential."
Washington Post Ignores Own Role in Creating False Story on Love Canal and Gore
The following comment was sent to the blog by Hugh Kaufman, a founding member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:

Having been the guy who brought Gore into the Hazardous Waste issue(including the Love Canal and Toone TN cases) when he was a freshmanCongressman 30 years ago, let me say that he DID chair the first (andmany more) Congressional Hearings on Love Canal. Without his Hearings,and his holding the Carter Administration accountable for their actionsand inactions, there would have been NO Superfund, and NO Love Canal"clean-up"!Also, the majority of Love Canal residents were evacuated AFTER Goreentered the fray.(At that time, I was EPA's Chief Investigator for Hazardous Waste).

JP Morgan Says No Near End to Financial Crisis
Now Dead: Agent Carnaby, D.C. Madam and Michael Corbin
China's Foreign Policy and "Soft" Power in South America, Africa and Asia: Congressional Research Service Report
NYPD Plans Surveillance Data Network
Douglas Feith Book
Mary Tillman's Book
McLellan Invited to Hunt With Cheney (Spoof)
Nanotech Food

Monsanto's Harvest of Fear



Rice Farmer said...

Asian airlines cut flights, hike surcharges to cope with soaring oil prices

If this trend keeps up, in a year's time only the well-heeled will be flying. And in fact this article says as much.

mark said...

Im calling for the immpeachment of george w. bush and all his staff.on the charges ranging from insider trading connected not with just 9/11 but every other company that has had mr.bush drive thair buissness in the ground. kinda like tony suprano does.maybe thats why hes always smiling.the disstain this man feels or so i percive for the people america harken's back to his grandfather prescott.I WANT MY CONSTITUTION BACK SIR.IT WAS NOT YOURS TO TAKE IN THE FIRST PLACE.WITHOUT THIS WE MIGHT JUST AS WELL BE DARE I SAY IT NAZI'S.

A peon said...

I won't pretend to have understood every word of this article,but I thought it seemed important.

Column: Institutional money drives up commodities

Anonymous said...

Attn people in the Seattle area:
Svend Auken, former Danish Minister of Energy and Environment, world-renown advocate of sustainable energy and the green life, will speak Wednesday night (June 4th) at the Northwest Danish Foundation in Seattle.

Details/contact info here: Svend Auken in Seattle

Butch said...

It's interesting that Obama has come out (in Miami!) in favour of talking to the Cubans. I read this as a sign that American oil interests would like a piece of recent Cuban offshore finds.

Rice Farmer said...

Seadrill expects rig rates to hit $700,000 a day§ionId=65

We're seeing some positive feedback here: High oil prices and high demand are raising drilling expenses (especially because of the large amount of deep-sea drilling), which will in turn raise the price of oil, because those expenses must be passed on to consumers.

Butch, you are correct. Any sign of willingness on the part of US elites to talk with the Cubans means they want Cuban oil, not that they are interested in making friends with socialists.

Infrastructure -- People do not realize the amount of oil that it takes to maintain our modern infrastructure. They also do not realize how soon infrastructure begins to crumble if left to the forces of nature. Last year a road here was resurfaced with asphalt. Already this year, this plant

has begun poking holes in the pavement from below.

Anonymous said...

The re-establishment of a Fourth Fleet for South America is interesting (in a bad way). The two principal ships will be the Kearsarge and the Boxer. These are huge amphibious assault ships for advance force and "special purpose" operations.

They carry assault helicopters, AV-8B Harrier "jump jet" fighter/bombers, and various amphibious assault vehicles - hovercraft and landing craft.


Rice Farmer said...

Globalization death watch, Part I:
Airlines, cargo ships increasingly desperate due to rising fuel costs

Let us recall MCR's words: "Globalization is dead."

Chris XVX said...

Airlines move to make bad situation worse
United plans to take 70 jets out of service, cut domestic capacity 17 percent:

"For the next year or so, it's going to be gloom and doom" in terms of fares and flight options, said air travel expert Tom Parsons.

-Yeah I'm sure it will end after a year.

Rice Farmer said...

Thanks Chris XVX. That's an interesting article because it brings up some of the implications. For example, regional airports will be the first to take a hit, and the first to shut down (once an airport loses enough traffic to make it unprofitable, it's all over). It also mentions the "collateral damage." This is something that is sorely overlooked by those who joyously say that we're saved because fuel demand drops a little. They never stop to think about the economy's structural dependence on high energy consumption. If vacationers stop driving and flying, it means a lot of hotels, motels, tourist traps, restaurants, theme parks, and the like go belly-up. Mass bankruptcies and unemployment ensue, further energizing the vicious circle of economic ruin.

I'm sure many of you have read about and seen photos showing the decay of Detroit. Of course this is fully expected, but the reports and images are truly shocking. And it's a preview of what's going to happen across the world.

A peon said...

It'll be interesting to see what actually comes of this.

Accused mastermind of 9/11 attacks faces judge

On another note,at work they unfortunately pipe in a St.Louis radio station over the PA system.I'd rather listen to the music stored in my memory.

Well in Jan. 2nd of this year 5 miles of I-64 are closed for repairs on both sides and won't reopen until Dec. 31st,and in Jan. of '09 all lanes will close down from I-170 to Kingshighway until Dec. 31st that same year.So,in between songs on the radio I was suprised to hear a sarcastic sounding radio voice say "By the time the I-64 repairs are finished we won't be driving cars anymore."

I was so suprised to hear something like that mentioned on the radio I blurted quite out loud "No shit!" I thought to myself how unfortunate it was that the sarcastic tone would probably ensure that people with no knowledge of Peak Oil would take what it was saying too seriously.


endgame said...

It's not over until its over. We face two historical turning points, peak oil and the rise communist china. How we meet both is the subject of The End of History: The End Point and the End game.