Thursday, September 06, 2007

Zimbabwe: Main Baker Almost Out of Flour

The baker, Lobel's, has almost exhausted its 4000 ton reserve and has two days' worth of flour left.


Rice Farmer said...

With the many reports of "demand destruction" in poor countries, it's likely the "Zimbabwe disease" will be spreading in the near future.

Jeremy said...

I don't know if this is right location for a question, but I'd really like to know your (everyone's) thoughts on a 9/11 style attack on American soil in the coming months. With the Iran talk intensifying, Homeland security starting to mumble about "imminent threats", 9/11 criticism gaining momentum and waning support for foreign military adventures... A lot of people feel another false flag attack to rally the masses and silence critics could be on it's way.
Am i way off here? What are your thoughts?

Rice Farmer said...

It's useful to read investment newsletters because of their frankness. Here's one I just received.

Chris XVX said...

I would agree with you Jeremy. But I don't know if the problem now is that they're putting out disinformation to keep us guessing to make it harder to predict an imminent attack or if we just learned how to read all of the warning signs since 9/11.