Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quote of the day: "They say in matters of the heart that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. We're not sure that the same can be said about matters of the wallet."

Credit Turmoil Seen as a Run in the Shadow Banking Industry
Run on Banks in England
Shadow Government Statistics
Web of Debt
Spain Finished With Gold Sales
Maybe they don't have enough left with which to suppress the price.
Greenspan Spills the Beans on the Iraq/Oil Connection
The publication of Greenspan's memoirs has brought forth other interview gems like the comment that global inflation is really quite low if you just leave out "the Zimbabwes."
Date Moved Up To 2030 When Arctic May Be Ice-Free
Nigeria Moves to Halt U.S. Military
Ethnicity and Petroleum Geology
NYC: Eating the Fruits of the Five Boroughs
General in Tillman Case Wants to Speak

Signs of the Times: Diamond-Studded Skull


Anonymous said...

Has anyone commented on the significance of the September 14th stand down by the entire air force and/or the “mistakenly” armed B-52 bomber with the broken arrow?

Dino said...

I am sad to report that the link to the "Shadow Government Statistics" is not working. When I click on it, I get an error page.

Anyway, as the impending collapse continues (and snowballs), I continue to implore you to find sound health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).

Later...for now!

FTW admin said...

the shadow stats link should work now

Rice Farmer said...

That diamond-encrusted skull really captures the Zeitgeist!

In Japan news, Chief Cabinet Secretary Fukuda, who's aiming to be the next PM, has stated that he wants a permanent law to allow the Japanese military to do refueling and stuff like that instead of the current temporary law which must be periodically renewed.

Chris XVX said...

Oil at New Records for 7th Straight Day...

Oil Futures Set New Records for 7th Straight Session on Inventory Report, Refinery Problems...


Yet gas prices in my area have gone down 70 cents since memorial day...

Go figure...

Rice Farmer said...

Iran draws up plans to bomb Israel

Iran to target US in case of offensive

Why Bush won't attack Iran

Military intervention in Iran would be "catastrophic": Moscow

China opposed to French FM's anti-Iran statement

In Japan, DPJ leader Ozawa has said that without a UN resolution, he can't go along with extending legislation to help the war in Afghanistan. Well, surprise surprise, now we magically have a resolution!

Rice Farmer said...

Chris XVX -- gas prices can vary considerably from one locality to another, and won't always immediately follow crude prices. Reading Tom Whipple's columns helps much in understanding what's going on.

Gas prices dipped briefly here in Japan, but today the biggest refiner announced a price increase in response to record crude prices (other refiners always follow suit).

Anonymous said...

Saudi Arabia has refused to cut interest rates in lockstep with the US Federal Reserve for the first time, signalling that the oil-rich Gulf kingdom is preparing to break the dollar currency peg in a move that risks setting off a stampede out of the dollar across the Middle East.

Fears of dollar collapse as Saudis take fright

Rice Farmer said...

The fuel merchants of Zimbabwe

Rice Farmer said...

Biofuels worsen Hungary's drought, expert says

Ha! It's exactly as I said. Anyone who farms or gardens (especially organically) knows that it's important to leave crop residue where it is. Gathering up crop residue to make biofuels or agrichar in factories is dumb, dumb, dumb.

Rice Farmer said...

jwfearman -- You too are welcome to comment. What's your take on the stand down?

Rice Farmer said...

The New Military Frontier: Africa

Pentagon Planning Five Regional Teams Under AFRICOM Framework

Agrofuels - Another Scramble for Africa?

Rice Farmer said...

The new British empire? UK plans to annex south Atlantic

Holy cow! What's next? Will the US lay claim to the western half of the North Pacific?

The Wanderer said...

Could someone link to some websites about 'getting ready'? I used to have a subscription to FTW just before it went down. After it went down I lost track of it all, and I just now found this blog so I'm trying to catch up.

Rice Farmer said...

Last night we had a "town meeting" with the mayor and various city officials in attendance. They were presenting their 10-year plan to make the city a better place. Well, having a plan is fine. The question is what you put in it. There was nothing at all about peak oil or food shortages, so when they opened the floor for comments and questions, I took the microphone and briefly outlined why food and fuel shortages are coming in the near future, and urged the city to rework their plan taking this into consideration. Then one of the officials responds by saying, thanks for your valuable comments, and of course we're thinking about these things, and the city has started making biodiesel, etc. etc. I thought to myself, these guys didn't get the message at all. So when the meeting ended I cornered the official who'd given the answer and said, "I guess I didn't explain well enough," and started going into a little more detail. Turns out HE KNOWS about peak oil, and agrees that we're going to start the long slide back to a 19th-century lifestyle. "So why isn't it in the plan?" I asked. He explained that the Japanese government has no Plan B and isn't doing a thing, which is effectively tying their hands. He was, however, receptive to a few ideas I threw out.

Anonymous said...


interesting read from Pravda...

Ricefarmer, i thought that the B-52 and stand-down incident was a false red flag that would open the door to "terrorist attacks" and thus justify a nuclear war with Iran. But the 14th came and went so I'm not sure now. I think there was an ulterior motive I just don't know what.

Tyler Havlin said...

Six involved with misplaced Minot Nukes now dead


Anonymous said...

well there you have it. Something must have happened... possibly not planned.

FTW admin said...

before leaping to conclusions, note that some of the six died before the incident

Anonymous said...

Still seems suspicious. To say that 6 people, tied to the base died within a short time of the incident (either before or after) is a coincidence is hard to buy. It could be possible but usually where there is smoke there is fire. It takes a great deal of the authorities’ approval to get nukes loaded on a wing and flown. To say that it was an accident is preposterous. I don't know how much credibility can be given to the claim that they weren't fused either. But that's not the real issue. The real issue is why were they loaded in the first place and how does it tie in?

Tyler Havlin said...

You're right, Jenna. Sorry about that, I jumped the gun. Feel free to delete the link.

Pandabonium said...

jwfearman - I agree that the loading of the nukes is very suspicious, but the deaths are not. Every year lots of young guys from military bases get killed on leave - drinking, driving, boating, ATV riding, etc. etc. Young guys NOT in the military do so as well - just take a look at accident stats.

In fact the stories of the deaths being tied to the incident with the nuke could well be misdirection to take the focus off how this whole thing happened and lead people off in a discrediting wild goose chase. The did so with the JFK assassination, they are doing it with 911 as well.

Anonymous said...

Very true. It's hard to figure out what is reliable and what is not, particularly because the mass media is not reliable and the independents are hit or miss. I agree on the deaths. It could be simple coincidence. There is so much deception surrounding every action the government takes it’s hard to see the true motives.