Thursday, May 10, 2007

U.S. Enlists Other Countries to Help Find Missing FBI Agent
The End of National Currency
Venezuela Pulls Control from Big Oil
Military to Simulate Terror Strike on Arctic Pipeline
Qatar Triples Gold Reserves to Protect Against Dollar
China's Reserve Comments Unsettle Dollar Vs. Yen
Pig Disease in China Identified
Taiwan Develops China-Directed Missiles
Cheney in Iraq


Rice Farmer said...

Japan on brink of consumer loans crisis

This is serious because consumer loans finance a lot of spending by consumers (duh!).

On the heels of the German report, more bad news for coal:

Condi Rice and Iraq oil kickbacks

Rice Farmer said...

Americans say gas prices are "unreasonable"

This really cracks me up. Two things come to mind. First, as far as gas price rises go, they haven't seen anything yet. And second, the word "unreasonable" is an indicator of the American sense of entitlement. They think they are entitled to cheap and plentiful energy, and if it gets expensive, that is "unreasonable."

Rice Farmer said...

America Has Oil on the Brain

Interview with Lisa Margonelli, author of Oil on the Brain. Is oil a blessing or a curse?

Rice Farmer said...

Russia, Central Asia in Crucial Gas Deal

Rice Farmer said...

US and Iran will hold talks! Who would have thought?

More evidence that Bush is out of the loop.

David Wozney said...

A “Federal Reserve Note” is not a U.S.A. dollar. In 1973, Public Law 93-110 defined the U.S.A. dollar as consisting of 1/42.2222 fine troy ounces of gold.

Jacob said...

I would assume many here have seen the documentary The Money Masters. If not, then do yourself a favor and watch it. All 3½ hour.

gaelicgirl said...

A huge and important article was just published at The Oil Drum, on the topic of Saudia Arabia's largest oil field Ghawar, and its depletion/peak likelihood. You have to be quite a techie to understand it, but even a skim and reading the comments gives a sense of its implication and importance:

Anonymous said...

I thought this might be of interest to some here:

Gold investor McEwen sees $2,000/oz in 2010

Rice Farmer said...

Surprise, surprise

(1) Whitman refuses to testify about 9/11 response.
(2) Prince Harry will not serve in Iraq.

Who would have thought?

Rice Farmer said...

The rice crop is planted, and now an academic society is asking me to do a peak oil presentation. Yikes! I guess if it fits my schedule I'll give it a go.

My article has been a hit. It seems I chose the right approach by avoiding too much technicality (which would turn off most general readers) and outlining the implications of "no more cheap and plentiful energy."

FTW admin said...

many congratulations, rice farmer. you seem to know how to strike a balance so as not to overwhelm laypeople