Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ray McGovern on Tucker Carlson: Yellowcake Allegation Leads to Cheney Hours After 9/11 Attacks, Rumsfeld Expressed Interest in Saddam 9/10/2001 Rumsfeld Admits $2.3 Trillion Missing from Pentagon (CBS Video)
Rumsfeld: "...people who shot down the plane in Pennsylvania"
Gulf State Growth Draws Al-Qaeda
Russia Withdraws from Treaty
Russia to Fund Military Electronics
Challenging Russia's Energy Dominance
State-Owned Pipelines in Russia
Iran and U.S. Near Dialogue Remember the rapprochement that FTW predicted when everyone said we were going to attack?
Transcript of Bill Moyers' Show on Press Coverage of Lead-up to Iraq
Zimbabwe Inflation 1600%


BlackBudget said...

What are they doing with $2.3T ?
Is there a connection to the Extraterrestrial "hypothesis" ?

Take these questions calmly and check these press conferences at the National Press Club :

1. May 2001 , The Disclosure project :

2. X-conference 2005 :

I like Stephen Bassett because he is a BIG activist and i can't resist to give this link :

As citizens and tax payers we have the right to know and the duty to investigate.
And i also believe it is THE citizen fight of the 20th and 21th century.

If you allow me an humble question to mike whose investigative work i admire (before knowing of the ET issue, FTW was and still is a source of inspiration for me) :
what does he think of the cover-up on the ET presence ?

Respectfully, From France,

Pandabonium said...

So much for rapprochement with Iran:
"US-Iran diplomatic dance ends with ice cream chat"

"The top diplomats danced around one another for two days in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, but Rice told reporters on Friday the opportunity had never arisen for a bilateral meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki." - Reuters

Rice Farmer said...

Iran-US: Both sides are definitely playing hard to get. The side that makes too strong an overture risks looking weak. And that is especially risky for Paper Tiger America.

And the "missing" $2.3 trillion? The simplest and obvious answer is that it disappeared into the pockets of elites, and is also bankrolling stuff that Congress would never fund.

David Cutter said...

Hi Everyone
I've been pursuing my US congressman, Adam Schiff who happens to be on the Judiciary committee, about the Iraq war, peak oil and impeachment for years now. Lately I started bugging them for an appt. time. Now, I'm not doing this because I think it will make any difference on the issues we talk about here. (Well I guess I do hope just a little) I think I'm doing this more out of respect for the people in our history who died and/or sacrificed so that I would have the right to do this. Plus it's kind of entertaining.

Schiff's office called Friday5/4 to offer me some time Saturday on the topic of impeachment. Three other activists and myself were scheduled for 15 min but we managed to get 30 out of him. He did the predictable filibustering and the fake revealing of some insider story but I did ask him if he would co-sponsor Dennis Kucinich's articles of impeachment. Just for background the bill currently has two co-sponsors.

His answer was a predictable no. His reasoning was that he didn't want to be diverted from his main focus which was turning around this Iraq debacle. I pointed out that during Nixon's impeachment, congress was able to pass many bills and cited a few of them.

Schiff even used the word criminal in reference to Bush and Cheney but later in the conversation said that he didn't want to move to impeachment until more investigation had been done. Until we know he's done something which contradicted his own earlier statement of criminality.

I guess what really struck me and why I'm sharing all this is that despite knowing that politicians are fundamentally cowards, I was not prepared for the cowardice that I saw. Schiff would listen to us with this intense gaze, as if really listening to us and yet his lips were almost disappearing. His lips almost came to a point as if they were being sucked down his throat.

We actually got him going on his own rant against the admin about the signing statements. One of the bills, which he carried was nullified by Bush's signing statement. Then he snapped out of it and said I don't want to put the country through another impeachment. I guess he's rather put us through 22 more months of Bush Co.

FTW admin said...

from dan miner:

Sierra Club-NYC Report Calls for New York City Energy Shortage Contingency Plan

Says Mayor’s Long-Term Plan Should Prepare for Energy Price Shocks,
Move Toward Sustainable Energy Independence.

(New York City, NY) May 8, 2007 – With PlaNYC 2030, the City is moving in the right direction in planning for long term sustainability. However, City leaders should include rapid energy conservation plans to respond to energy price shocks, says the Sierra Club New York City Group. Its report, “Moving NYC Toward Sustainable Energy Independence,” authored by Dan Miner, the Group’s energy committee chair, requests Council to reconsider Intro. 374, previously submitted in 2004. Both San Francisco and Portland, Oregon have passed similar bills. The report has short and long-term recommendations on transportation, buildings, electric generation and renewable power, addressing both global warming and energy security. They will complement present PlaNYC proposals, while stepping up the City’s climate change response. See for the full report.

Organizations that have signed on to the report so far include: American Littoral Society NE Chapter, Asthma Free School Zone, Carbon Tax Center, Galapagos Art Center, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Energy & Environment Program at Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, Nos Quedamos, NY Divinity School, the Pace Energy Project, Sane Aviation for Everyone, Solar One, Sustainable South Bronx, The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, The Gaia Institute, Transportation Alternatives.

Rice Farmer said...

The future of recycling -- Everyone is singing paeans about recycling these days. Of course, recycling is good. But recycling now is very energy-intensive. I help with recycling where I live. Once a month, people bring their recyclables, and I help them sort everything. Then the trucks come to pick it up. What a lot of fuel those big trucks use! And now recycling is done internationally, as rich countries send their trash to poor countries for processing (lots of stuff doesn't get recycled properly, but that's another story). Obviously, sending stuff long distances in trucks and ships for recycling can't last much longer, so I predict that recycling will become far more localized.

Butch said...

Consumer waste is something like 4% of all waste; the vast majority is industrial etc. Most industrial, building etc waste is not recycled.

The only thing that really works is what the Germans and Danes have: life-cycle responsibility, where consumers have an up-front price to pay for packaging and manufacturers are obligated to accept and process all returns.

Rice Farmer said...

I do a lot of translating in the environmental field, including lots of stuff on recycling. As Butch notes, most industrial and C&D waste simply goes unrecycled. In fact, even a lot of consumer waste gets tossed. For example, here in Japan people must pay recycling fees for certain appliances including TVs, washing machines, and refrigerators. To avoid this, many people dump them in the country. If you follow a mountain road and look down into ravines, you'll likely see these appliances and other trash that people have dumped at night.

Additionally, consumer and industrial waste sent to developing countries for recycling is often not properly recycled. For a look at this problem (and some hair-raising photographs), read "Exporting Harm: The High-Tech Trashing of Asia."

To bring this back to the original point I was making, high fuel prices are going to sharply curtail waste transport, whether for recycling or illegal dumping. But I think there will be more recycling because materials of all kinds will be in short supply.

Anonymous said...

"Insights into the new world disorder"

Excellent interview worth Dutch Journalist and Author Karel Van Wolferen who has written books about Japan and more recently the so-called war on terror.