Sunday, November 01, 2020

 From Jenna Orkin

via a sort of "Cliff's Notes" for medical staff, medcram has published over 100 videos on Covid topics since last winter that make complex medical issues easy to understand - each are 10 to 20 minutes

Emanuel Sferios re Newsweek article on Greenwald:
Glenn Greenwald lost support among liberals in the US when he started defending Julian Assange after the Podesta email leaks. These emails were used by the far-right to create the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which morphed into QAnon. Then he started challenging the Russiagate narrative, which also offended liberals. I agreed with him on Russiagate, but a few months ago I realized we've all been deceived. Of course Russia didn't hack the DNC email server. US Intel never presented a shred of evidence for this. But neither was Seth Rich the leaker, or any DNC insider for that matter. Rather (and here's what Glenn hasn't figured out yet) it was the CIA, itself, that gave the emails to Wikileaks. They manipulated Assange's hatred of Hillary Clinton in order to weaponize conspiracy theory culture and create an army of brown-shirt types to attack the left.
Remember, the Podesta emails were spun (instantly, btw, within 24 hours of being released) to create an elaborate "pedophilia" narrative against Democrats. And now QAnon has taken its place. And QAnon is not some silly, fringe conspiracy theory (as Greenwald thinks it is). It's a carefully constructed psyop.
Greenwald has spent years criticizing the Mueller campaign (correctly, I believe). But he doesn't understand that Mueller was never really going after Trump. The CIA and Trump are working together. Russiagate, rather, was about creating a narrative for the Podesta email leaks, blaming Russia to shift attention away from the CIA itself.
Now we have liberals rooting for the CIA, conservatives ready to accept authoritarianism in order to "arrest the pedophiles" and militias in most major cities ready to attack the the left if needed.
And Glenn, like most of us, fell for it. Ever so ready to expose the lies of US Intel, Glenn made an enemy of of his editors (and liberal America in general), not because he wasn't right, but because the truth he was telling was too narrow. Fascism has arrived through the back door, and we've all been played.

Trump told donors at a closed-door event that he will have his 'own team' and law enforcement monitoring polling places and is planning dispute individual ballots

In several states, Republicans are disputing the validity of ballots received after Election Day, as President Trump continues to trail Biden.

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