Saturday, June 06, 2020

From Jenna Orkin
Every Buffalo Cop in Elite Unit Quits to Back Officers Who Shoved Elderly Man to Ground

2 National Guardsmen injured by lightning strike during George Floyd protests in D.C.

Fact check: Police did destroy a medic area during protests in Asheville, North Carolina

US reports over 21,000 new cases amid mass protests
Biotech to Use Genetic Outliers - Sherpas
Amazon Censors Covid-19 Book

French forces kill al-Qaida's north Africa chief in Mali

Record Stampede Into Stocks: Nasdaq Volume Hits All Time High As Put-To-Call Ratio Craters

The Price Of Half The World's Staple Food Is Up 70% In 2020

More than 3,900 stores are closing in 2020 as the retail apocalypse drags on. Here's the full list.

Delta will stop flying to 11 US cities indefinitely: list

These Chinese firms were blacklisted for Uighur oppression. Now they want to sell COVID-19 surveillance tools to the West.

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