Monday, March 23, 2020

From Jenna Orkin

Spanish flu: "It’s second wave was the real killer – 20 times more deadly than the first wave, and over a year later."
Bond majors rocked as record $109bn stampedes out of fixed income

Italy is requesting US military support for coronavirus battle

Beijing's leading doctor warns of a NEW coronavirus outbreak in China after the country reported its first case of someone 'catching the illness from a person returning from abroad'

As Iran Reels, Trump Aides Clash Over Escalating Military Showdown
Terrified Package Delivery Drivers Are Going to Work Sick

Poland made an app that forces coronavirus patients to take regular selfies to prove they're indoors or face a police visit

Countries may need to impose new lockdowns every 3 months until a coronavirus vaccine is available, an expert says

Stocks, oil, and bitcoin plunge as US lawmakers fight over coronavirus rescue package

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