Saturday, January 05, 2019

From Jenna Orkin

"...we were all convinced that we had to speak, write, and publish as quickly as possible and as much as possible and that this was necessary for the good of mankind. Thousands of us published and wrote in an effort to teach others, all the while disclaiming and abusing one another. Without taking note of the fact that we knew nothing, that we did not know the answer to the simplest question of life, the question of what is right and what is wrong, we all went on talking without listening to one another. At times we would indulge and praise each other on the condition that we be indulged and praised in return; at other times we would irritate and shout at each other exactly as in a madhouse...But in order for us to engage in something so useless and at the same time maintain the conviction that we were very important people, we needed a rationale that would justify what we were doing. And so we came up with the following: everything that exists is rational. Further, everything that exists is evolving. And it is evolving by means of an enlightenment. The enlightenment in turn undergoes change through the distribution of books and periodicals. We are paid and respected for writing books and periodicals, and therefore we are the most useful and
the best of people."

What is ‘The Dark Overlord’ — and does its ’9/11 Papers’ reveal a real conspiracy?

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Under Trump, the U.S. debt grew by the size of the Brazilian economy in just two years

Twitter Moves to Stop Spread of Hacked 9/11 Lawsuit Files

Robot Waiters In This Tokyo Cafe Are Controlled By Disabled People 

British Intelligence Infiltrates Voice of Europe Media Outlet

#MeToo Comes For Bernie: Sanders Campaign Ignored Sexual Harassment Allegations

A Trump County Confronts the Administration Amid a Rash of Child Cancers

If there are any women who see this is progress, please tell me they're Republicans.

The military-industrial complex is now run by

TSA airport screeners have been working without pay during the shutdown and now many don't have money to get to work

China says 'social and economic consequences' will follow projected population peak of 1.44 billion in 2029


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