Thursday, May 03, 2018

From Jenna Orkin

Last Call - Movie with Dennis Meadows

9/11 victims’ families win multibillion-dollar settlement against Iran
Pictures show Paris erupting during May Day rally, with protesters torching a McDonald’s
Capitalism is coming to an end, says one of the world's most respected economists

End Of "Major Combat": US Deactivates Anti-ISIS HQ In Iraq

UK To Ban All Plastic Straws, Q-Tips, And Single-Use Plastics

EXCLUSIVE: EPA whistleblower says Pruitt 'lied' to Congress

James Comey's Forgotten Rescue Of Bush-Era Torture

Audit Puts Aramco's Oil Reserves At 270 Billion Barrels

CIA Prepares To Replace Spies With Artificial Intelligence

DNC Officials Demand Refund From Hillary Clinton

Goldman Fined $110 Million For "Improperly" Rigging The FX Market

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