Friday, January 15, 2016

From Jenna Orkin

This Is The Cartoon Germany Hands Out To Sexually Frustrated Refugees
How Switzerland Hopes To Prevent Refugee Sex Attacks: With This Cartoon
German Town Bans Refugees From Pools
Chipotle To Close All Stores Next Month For Meeting On How Not To Poison People
Norway Pushes Panic Button: "We're In A Crisis Now, We Can't Deny That"
More Smoking Guns - Will Hillary's Next Stop Be The White House Or The Big House?
US Freight Volumes Fall For First Time In 3 Years As Baltic Dry Crashes Under 400
WalMart To Fire 16,000 As It Closes 269 Stores Globally 
World's Largest Miner Books Massive $7.2 Billion Writedown On US Shale "Assets" 
Americans' 'misery index' is at its lowest point since the 1950s
At least 20 killed in a hotel after gunfire, explosions erupt in Burkina Faso's capital 
5 countries dump more plastic into the oceans than the rest of the world combined
There are 30 million slaves in the world — and half of them are children
Chicago police are taking major steps toward greater transparency
A matchstick-size implant that could be the answer to America's serious overdose problem is about to get approved
These 11 laws are what keep space from becoming the wild west
There’s an apocalyptic scenario forming with infections – here are 2 ways people are planning to fight back 


rjs said...

re: 11 laws that keep space from becoming the wild west; maybe we also need 11 laws to keep the wild west from becoming the wild west...

PS: i'm overdue for thanking you for getting back on this beat, Jenna; these links are why i followed your blog in the first place about 5 years ago, and though i comb the web pretty well myself, you invariably come up with a handful of stories every day that i hadnt seen before...

Jenna Orkin said...

thank you rjs!!!!!