Saturday, November 22, 2014

Scout: A Memoir of Investigative Journalist Michael C. Ruppert, with Against the Dying of the Light


John Clark said...

Might be worth collecting if the author maintained an actual objective view of Mike. Part of the peak oil story, in a small and entertaining way.

But the real question is, is there honesty in the work? The honesty of who most likely smashed those computers? The honesty of what it means when an alcoholic continues to drink, and the effects on their behavior and analytic ability? The REAL reasons for the vacation in Venezuela? The use of contemporaneous facts and accurate speculation on future behavior contained in websites that you won't even allow to be seen on this blog?

Did the author talk to Lindsay Gerken? Has ANYONE, EVER verified that Mike said a WORD about the CIA and drugs PRIOR to Gary Webb publishing his work? EVER? I've been through his provided job performance reports, resignation documents, all the information provided by 3rd parties back when these things were being CLAIMED by Mike, but aren't mentioned in any written work. There is no evidence I can find, except HIS claims, of the CIA, or drugs, or his recruitment, PRIOR to Webb's work. And the young lady allegedly involved in these activities, claiming this didn't happen, certainly hasn't been discredited with time has she?

Do you know what "jumping on the bandwagon" means Jenna, and how it might apply in this case?

So that is the question, is this an actual literary work Jenna, or just gilding the lily from someone who can neither refute not even acknowledge websites that contain a far less flattering perspective? Was this written by a journalist, or just another girlfriend?

Jenna Orkin said...

re whether or not this is journalism, look up the word 'memoir.'

John Clark said...

How about a comment from an investigative reports who debated Webb, and his take on the accuracy of the Kill a Messenger movie?

Just because you agree with a story, like the villains, the heroes, does not make the story true.

So it is with peak oil, and so it might certainly be with Kill the Messenger as well.

Jenna Orkin said...

mea culpa for suppressing the Washington post. perhaps some day they'll forgive me.