Sunday, February 02, 2014

Economic Crisis Made Simple - YouTube

Economic Crisis Made Simple - YouTube

Jenna Orkin, author of "The Moron's Guide to Global Collapse


ReserveGrowthRulz said...

Jenna, would you say that you are really talking about economic crisis in this video, or just a basic explanation of fiat currency? Certainly your explanation of fiat currency seems perfectly reasonable, except for the implication that a single person looking down and noticing "no more ground!" isn't enough, obviously people like you are already saying this. And it has no real effect on the functioning of the overall system. You really need a run on the bank to overtop capital reserves, to bring down a particular bank, and this doesn't even work if the government is willing to print more colored paper for folks. Obviously this then leads to the knock on effects of hyperinflation and whatnot, but that has been survived by some notable folks in the past as well. And why economists paying attention would exercise extraordinary measures to keep it from happening. Ben Berenanke seems to have walked this line pretty well handling the 2008 recession for example.

Jenna Orkin said...

Bernanke walked that line only by kicking the can down the road for ms. yellen or whoever follows her to deal with.

Yeti said...

This is my first ever blog. I simply want to thank Mike Ruppert for his great work.
It has been inspirational. He has helped many of us awaken to the realities of the age of panic oil.
Thank you Mike. We appreciate the hard work and the price you've paid for your humanity.

Debbie Metke said...

Yeti, well said and I agree. This has hit me hard. Jenna, I've been following your posts and YouTubes today. I love your clarity and presence. You're a real teacher. Thank you for your dedication to a better world. I'm writing a book myself. Lastly, my deep condolences go out to you. This must really hurt.

Jenna Orkin said...

thank you greatly Debbie metke for everything and great luck with your book.