Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chevron Halts Nigerian Production After Pipeline Blowup
Plus Cantarell in Mexico Fell 33% last year. As declines go, that's precipitous.
Hyperinflation Could Lead to Emergence of Third Party
Valid Site on FEMA Camps
When in doubt, go to
US Army: Media is the Battlefield
Adults Should Have to Carry Carbon Ration Cards, Say MP's
French Threat to North Sea Oil Reserves
Lawsuit Against OPEC
Shouting at Opec to turn on the taps is an expensive diversion that will merely delay our recognition of reality.
Is Our Accounting System Flawed
Exposition by the intriguing and original Antal E. Fekete
Bush Plans Invasion of Saudi Arabia: Spoof Ha ha (?)
Saudi Arabia Starts Artificial Rain Project, Gulf News Says
NYC Taps WTC Fund for Expenses in Fighting 9/11 Health Claims
The $15.5 million went to the Law Department, which is fighting 10,800 claims by cops, firefighters, construction workers and other Ground Zero responders.



JohnT said...

For anyone who has Time Warner Cable, on the Free Movies On Demand channel (it is channel 503 in my area) there is a movie on peak oil called Crude Impact. Has anyone else seen it? Any feedback on it? I think you can also view it free online somewhere, as well as on the Sundance Channel.

From the movie's official website: "Crude Impact is an award-winning documentary film which Chris Vernon of called ' a terrific film... the best documentary I have seen on the subject.' This feature film explores the interconnection between human domination of the planet, and the discovery and use of oil."

Tyler Havlin said...

Quote of the Day: Oil & Recessions

"Nothing has been a more reliable indicator for an upcoming recession as the price of Oil. Every major bear market, every major economic decline has been preceded by a large spike in oil prices. The 73-74 recession, recession of beginning 80's and the recession of 2000. Oil prices jumped 80% between 1999 and 2000. Oil prices have been the most important indicator of major economic disasters. Whenever Oil prices rise about 80% from year ago levels, a fair chance does exist that a recession/bear market will follow."

-Stephen Leeb

Rice Farmer said...

High oil prices are due to speculation? Bah! Humbug!

JJR said...

Johnt, I've seen the trailers for this one and it looks truly excellent.

Isn't there supposed to be a sequel to END OF SUBURBIA in the works, too? (As many here know, MCR spoke briefly in that original film).

JohnT said...

jjr, there was a sequel released last year called Escape From Suburbia.