Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Can President Have Prisoner's Eyes Poked Out?
Surely poking someone's eyes out would result in 'organ failure' as per the Justice Department's own definition of torture.
Google Involvement in Intelligence
Security Guidance for Lawyers with CIA Clients
Secret Session of House
Secrecy News writes:

"Since 1830, the House has met behind closed doors only three times,"according to the Congressional Research Service: "in 1979 to discussthe Panama Canal, in 1980 to discuss Central American assistance, andin 1983 to discuss U.S. support for paramilitary operations inNicaragua."

On March 13, the House went into secret session once more to considerclassified matters concerning the Foreign Intelligence SurveillanceAct. After some extended discussion of the unusual practice, followedby a security check, public access to the proceedings was barred.

Iraq Meltdown
Obama Wins Backing of 9/11 Commission Co-Chairman, Lee Hamilton
Murdoch Daughter Hosts Obama Fundraiser
Obama and Condi - Too Close for Comfort (Ideologically Speaking)
A Conscientious Objection: McKinney or Nader
Depleted Uranium Turns Earthworms into Glowworms
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Rice Farmer said...

Still another airline bites the dust

US Water Pipelines Are Breaking

The money to repair all that crumbling infrastructure will never be found. Cheap, abundant energy built a far-flung, top-heavy system that's now breaking down. It's all downhill from here, folks.

Rice Farmer said...

Airline Mess Spreads, Angering Travelers

Wtch4BigBrother said...

Wonderful blog and great work. I had lost touch with FTW through many moves and have finally found my way back home. Great blogs!! I am going to put a link on my blog if you don't mind.

FTW admin said...

thank you, wtch4bigbrother - links are welcome

Rice Farmer said...

USDA Strong-Arming Organic Farmers to Join Big Brother-Like National Animal Identification System

It's all about controlling food.

Chris XVX said...

That Boston Dynamics Big Dog is freaky and creepy!

Rice Farmer said...

Just the other day we heard about the butter shortage in Japan. Today's paper, front page top, reports that our state's dairy and livestock industry is on the ropes. Farmers say that if their costs rise any higher, they'll go out of business. The biggest problem they have is the price of animal feed, most of which is imported. Add to that the escalating costs of energy and the unwillingness of consumers -- already struggling with high grocery bills -- to pay more, and we have a real bad situation.

People in other countries seem to think that Japan is absorbing all these higher prices with aplomb, but what we have now is basically a bunch of industries waiting to see if they can pass on costs, or have to call it quits.

A peon said...

Good morning.=)The link that leads to whatever is written about the novel "Shell Game" isn't working correctly at the FTW site.

FTW admin said...

thx a peon. i've passed along your message

FTW admin said...

thx a peon. i've passed along your message

pcleddy said...

fixed, i hope :)