Wednesday, February 13, 2008

U.S. Establishment Lines Up Behind Obama
OPEC May Switch to Euro
Cashing Out of Billions Before 9/11
New evidence from the follow-the-money front.
Bibliography on assassinations, organized crime, terrorism etc.
Army rangers, medic, arrested on drugs, firearms charge
Chavez Fight With Imperial Exxon May Lift Support
European Union To Tighten Border Entry Rules

The Undersea Cable Caper
Connecting the Undersea Cable Dots
The Torture Question: PBS Series
Secret Ingredients: Enviro-Blog By Crusader-Journalist After 9/11 and in Libby, Montana
600 Professionals Call for End to Water Fluoridation


A peon said...

The link to "Bibliography on assassinations, organized crime, terrorism etc." isn't working.I tried doing a search using those words,but I'm not sure if the page that was supposed to link to was among the results.

FTW admin said...

thx i fixed it. blogger sometimes automatically inserts its own name into the url

Rice Farmer said...

Nippon, JFE, Posco Agree to 65% Iron Ore Price Gain

Fortescue Says Iron-Ore Prices May Increase as Much as 50%

D! said...

Now banks are being "nationalized..."

Any ideas on what precedent this can set for the world? Isn't this essentially the government siezing control of private assets? The situation facing Northern Rock isn't going to be isolated, but rather widespread. The official reason for the action is to "protect the taxpayer," but isn't this just the opposite? Is this not an outright power grab by the English government?

Devlin Buckley said...

Britain runs out of pasta as costs soar

"...The crisis has been caused by Italian farmers, who usually grow the durum wheat for 99 per cent of all UK pasta products, now cashing in by instead selling it for biofuel..."

Rice Farmer said...

Iraq inches toward luring big oil investment

At the end of the article is mention that the Russians, Chinese, and Indians also want in. It's my guess that the US would just as soon keep the Russians and Chinese out, but can they do it? Or is there some other strategy at work?