Thursday, August 23, 2007

US Attorney Comptroller Warns: Learn from the Fall of Rome
Cost/Benefit Analyses of Sustainability
CIA OIG Report
Bank Pulls Speech to Quell Instability
The Fed Blinks
Russia Restores Bomber Patrols...
...and Resumes Nuke Bomber Sorties
Russia's resumption of Cold War activity includes a recent flag-planting caper by a submarine on the floor of the Arctic, throwing down the gauntlet to Canada and the U.S.
Venezuela to Get its First Oil From Ocean Floor
Zimbabwe Situation
Stan Goff: How Pat Tillman Died
Group Threatens to Sue Pentagon Over Military Role in Evangelical Festival
Warming Will Pause, Then Full Steam Ahead, Scientists Contend
Warming Will Exacerbate Global Water Conflicts
This is another instance of an article being of interest not so much for what it says, which is no news to readers of this blog, but because of who's saying it: The Washington Post.
Fight Global Warming by Taxing McMansions, Dingell Says

Albert Einstein once speculated that if honeybees were to become extinct, the world would starve in less than four years.


Rice Farmer said...

Natural Gas Imported To US For Electricity Generation May Be Environmentally Worse Than Coal

When all is said and done, natural gas may not necessarily be clean.

Rice Farmer said...

Peak oil for the masses -- I was pleased to see in today's newspaper a feature article that is primarily an interview with the director of the Marubeni Research Institute, an economic think tank. Apparently the article is meant to ease the reality of peak oil into the public mind. Although it does not use the term "peak oil," it does describe the phenomenon, and the director says he personally thinks oil will hit $100. He does seem too sanguine about alternatives taking up the slack, while admitting that will be decades in the future if it happens. He saves most of his alarm bell ringing for his almost admiring description of how China is scooping up energy and resources under a firm strategy, and says that Japan needs to get on the ball. This is another example in which Japanese energy researchers warn that falling behind other nations in what they frankly call the "scramble for resources and energy."

Unlike China, research institutes do not speak for the government, but they do have the government's ear.

Tyler Havlin said...

Gasoline demand growth is slowing, not long after prices hit a record $3.23 a gallon, but it may be too early to call it a trend

Rice Farmer said...

ASEAN energy ministers gear up for ASEAN power grid

Rice Farmer said...

Pushing for African Oil to China

"In mid-May, the African Development Bank held its annual meeting in China’s largest commercial city, Shanghai..."

gaelicgirl said...

Here's an interesting article exploring the Democratic congress' unwillingness to take meaningful action to oppose Bush policies, in the light of Peak Oil. The end is unsatisfying, in my opinion, but I see it is Part V of a series, so perhaps there is more to come:

Rice Farmer said...

The new 'NATO of the East' takes shape

China, Kazakhstan agree on Sino-Kazakh oil pipeline extension to Caspian Sea

A peon said...

Rest in peace Aaron Russo.

Former Bette Midler manager and film producer Aaron Russo dies at 64

Anonymous said...

Desperation - SBS World News Australia
"US energy plan with Australia"

US President George W Bush is expected to invite Australia to be part of two plans aimed at guaranteeing a future energy supplies.

Under the plan, selected countries are set to produce ethanol from wild grasses and join a global nuclear partnership.

The group includes countries involved in the nuclear fuel cycle from Russia, China and France.

According to senior officials, President Bush will raise the two issues during bilateral talks with Prime Minister John Howard before the APEC meeting next week.

Canada and Australia, both uranium producing nations, have hesitated on joining because of domestic concerns about obligations to take back nuclear waste and its storage.

However last week a senior official said that the US would not be pressuring Australia to take back nuclear waste if it joined the group.