Monday, June 26, 2006


I have just received a phonecall from Mike Ruppert. The FTW offices have been burglarized, the doors smashed with sledgehammers and every computer broken. Mike's fine (thank God!!!) and I believe we know who did it but FTW is non-operational at this moment. However, the blog is up and running.

Thank you for you patience.

Jenna Orkin


Gail said...

This is outrageous. Though it is somehow not unexpected as we continue to move through an era in which TRUTH IS SILENCED. Thank heavens FTW staff are not hurt, but I hope everyone is watching their backs. I have been feeling for a while now that something is about to go down, and this reinforces that rather subjective sense. I will be interested to know who "really" did this. It is probably made to look like a routine thing, but I think all of us know it is not. NO coincidences.

FTW admin said...

Thank you Gail. The sympathy and outrage are appreciated.

Fortunately, as I said, it looks as though the authorities have a handle on this incident. We can all get back to our usual worries and preparations.

Roark said...

Sorry this has happened to From The Wilderness. So long as everyone including you at FTW is okay, that is the most important thing!

Matt Savinar said...

You know, you'd have to be a HUGE dumbass to burglarize/vandalize Mike's office and think you're going to get away with it. I mean the guy is an ex police INVESTIGATOR who wrote a freakin 500 page book documenting/investigating the crime of the century. You don't think he's going to be able to figure out who hit his own office?



FTW admin said...

they say that gamblers gamble in order to lose.

Farmer Josh in Eugene, OR. said...

Mike and Staff,

Sorry to hear the news. Let me know if you need a volunteer to come down and help with anything to get you guys up and running faster. May be able to find used replacement computer.

Josh in Eugene, OR.

FTW admin said...

thank you josh. i've passed the message on to some staff who are accessible at the moment.

Matt Savinar said...

I'm sure you guys are already thinking of this stuff, but might it be a good idea to get a guard dog? He can guard the place at night for you.

Plus you could give him some real cool name like "hugo."



Leigh McKeirnan said...

I agree there is nothing better than a guard dog. And how about security cameras and lots of notices. Maybe have someone you trust live nearby or round the clock security with someone capable that you trust. But a dog is a must too.

Leigh McKeirnan said...

This isn't a blog comment but something that's going down in Washington forests right now since you aren't up anyhow:
SEPA File No. 05-041501


This is to advise you that pursuant to WAC 197-11-360 and WAC
197-11-455, the Department of Natural Resources ("the department") has issued a
Final Environmental Impact Statement (Final EIS) for the following:

The purpose of this proposal is the adoption of new policies that will
replace the 1992 Forest Resource Plan for forested lands managed by the
Department of Natural Resources. Twenty-five policies are proposed for
four major categories:

Economic Performance: Three policy subject areas make up this category:
Financial Diversification, Financial Assumptions, and Harvest Deferral
Designations. These policy subject areas will provide direction to the
department for decisions that directly affect the trust obligation of
generating sustainable revenue from the management of forested state
trust lands. The alternatives span levels of risk that the Board of
Natural Resources is considering in pursuing new markets for forest and other
products. They cover the frequency and approach to reviewing financial
assumptions, as well as what trust lands are available or deferred from

Forest Ecosystem Health and Productivity: Eight policy subject areas
make up this category: Forest Health, Catastrophic Loss Prevention,
Genetic Resource, Special Ecological Features, Old-Growth Stands in Western
Washington, Wildlife Habitat, Watershed Systems, and Riparian
Conservation. These areas will provide direction to the department for
management decisions that directly affect the health and productive capacity of
forest ecosystems on forested state trust lands. The overall ecological
condition of the forest asset directly impacts the economic, ecological
and social values that these lands can provide. Each of the
environmental elements covered in these policy subject alternatives is considered
integral to the total health of the forest ecosystem. As such, the
emphasis is placed on the need to provide landscape-scale mitigation
measures over the life of these policies.

Social and Cultural Benefits: Four policy subject areas make up this
category: Public Access and Recreation, Cultural Resources, Visual
Impacts, and Local Economic Vitality. These policy subject areas will provide
direction to the department for management decisions that directly
affect social and cultural benefits derived from forested state trust
lands. The adverse environmental impacts and mitigation of impacts to both
the natural and built environment are considered within a range of
policy alternatives that meet state and federal law and trust objectives.

Implementation: Ten policy subjects make up this category: Forest Land
Planning, General Silvicultural Strategy, Forest Land Transactions,
Forest Roads, Acquiring Rights of Way, Granting Rights of Way, Research,
External Relationships, SEPA Review, Implementation, Reporting, and
Modification of the Policy for Sustainable Forests. These policy subject
areas provide a coordinated and comprehensive framework for
implementation of the Policy for Sustainable Forests. Their emphasis is on ensuring
efficiency in implementation and correction, when necessary, to achieve
the policy objectives and outcomes described in the Policy for
Sustainable Forests. They focus on landscape-scale approaches to analyze and
mitigate potentially significant adverse environmental impacts and target
landscape-scale enhancements of the forest asset. Cooperation and
coordination with partners is emphasized to ensure stakeholder involvement
and mitigation of impacts in department plans and decisions.

The department will submit the Final EIS to the Board of Natural
Resources members. Board of Natural Resources adoption of these policies will
occur no sooner than seven days from the date of issuance of the Final

A copy of the Final EIS has been posted to our agency website. You may
download or review this and other SEPA documents related to this file
at our web address:

You may also request a hard copy or CD version of the Final EIS by
contacting the SEPA Center, at P.O. Box 47015, Olympia, Washington
98504-7015 or by email to: with your request.

hep kitten said...

A very recent recipient of Carolyn Baker's email postings and too new to FTW to say little more than I am glad no one was injured, and that the damage is repairable. More than that, I sense your group understands the profound, entrenched criminality of this and previous administrations. I look forward to reading more and contributing to the discussion.

FTW admin said...

Leigh McKeirnan has left a new comment on your post "URGENT NOTICE: FTW BURGLARIZED; COMPUTERS SMASHED":

Remember how I told you about those illegal loggers that live in ........ [name removed by ftw admin]-hope that wasn't it-or anyone watching my machines...on the other hand could be anyone in the govenment-look at it as a sign of how effective he is becoming.Please notify all the people that are subscribers.

FTW admin adds: Thank you. Bear in mind the police seem to know who this was. We should hold off on speculation, however natural it may be.

FTW admin said...

Leigh McKeirnan writes:

I also fear for the staff. Especially I am worried about Catherine after her expose. Take more precautions for your own safety.

ftw admin adds: The comments of Leigh McKeirnan have not been posted in the order received.

Bankley said...

FTW must be doing something right to have attracted this kind of destructive intrusion. I'm glad that everyone is all right. Keep up the great work.

Green2Go said...

So sad that people can be that way! Obviously this wasn't about stealing valuable computer equipment -- they thought they could stop the truth. So glad this blog is up and running and we can still communicate. Hang in there FTW gang.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this. I'm not entirely suprised, but saddened. Let us know how we can help get you back up and running.

I also hope you folks at FTW will talk to us about who did this and how we can fight back.

My thoughts are with you all at FTW

Greg Henricks
North Oakland

Tiguhs said...

This is messed up. I hope they have backups. It will be interesting to see where the police investigation goes considering the (likely) actors in play.

FTW admin said...

Oz wrote:

"Dark and difficult times lie ahead.

Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy." J. K. Rowling

FTW admin said...

Thank you, Tiguhs, for using the word 'likely.' We need to avoid leaping to conclusions here.

Sh0shanna said...

Just in from Jeff Rense for Mike:

Can you get this to Mike or post it
on his blog if not?

Mike - I am stunned by this. I will be more than happy to host any material you wish on until you can get back up and running.

My sincere concerns and best wishes,

As always,
Jeff Rense

Bob Pike said...

At first they ignore you
Then they laugh at you
Then they fight you
Then you win

Mahatma Ghandi

This must mean we are close to winning or at least a serious threat.

Bob Pike

005babies said...

Obviously doing something right!!!I will buy another years membership early!! Thanks for the education, doug/nashville.

q said...

Mike thinks this attack was from a meth ring and NOT the government ?
Given the present realities that Mike is continually talking about, would it not be reasonable to assume that the "meth ring" is nothing more than a covert creation by the intelligence community or Administration to "reach out and touch" those it wants to communicate with ?
I think you guys need an underground facility or some sort of camouflage for your operation.
Mr. Big has signaled that he wants to play hardball and it looks like you need to start protecting yourselves accordingly. They may bring more than sledgehammers next time.
Prayers for your protection.