Monday, May 01, 2006

Introductory Message from Mike Ruppert


Welcome to FTW’s new blog. Things are happening fast, almost too fast. But for those who have been FTW subscribers for even just a few months, it is difficult not to have the feeling that we have a major head start on events.

This blog is intended to serve as an information-sharing resource as we enter some very tough times. I strongly recommend that those who participate have at least some familiarity with the following: Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil; Denial Stops Here, The Truth and Lies of 9/11, and Wall Street’s War for Drug Money.

There are also many back stories from our archives that will make your participation in this important message board more rewarding. Three of the many I would recommend are Eating Fossil Fuels, Post-Soviet Lessons for a Post-American Century and Globalcorp.

The world situation is deteriorating rapidly—we all can see that. What is important is that we accelerate and empower our collective work in the recognition that answers and solutions are not going to be coming from the government, and the only thing we can expect from big business is more of the same inertia that is leading the human race towards the collapse of civilization and the precipice of extinction.

But the better-than-expected good news is that individuals and communities all over the world, especially inside America, are not only waking up but taking action. However, many of these developments, and the knowledge that is emerging as many communities strive to relocalize with a renewed sense of urgency, are well below our radar screens.

The information and predictions contained in Denial Stops Here are coming true in spades and at warp speed. What has been so deeply gratifying for me personally has been all the feedback I have received from many places telling me that people have not only been taking FTW’s message and information to heart, but that they have also been acting on it as well.

As Catherine Austin Fitts says, “No one is as smart as all of us.”

Tell us what you have learned. Tell each other what you think (in the spirit of cooperation and helpfulness). Share and discuss with only one prime directive, “What can we share here that will save lives by providing people with choices, experience, strength and hope”? This is the place for it.

This list is going to be moderated by one of the most wonderful human beings in the world, Jenna Orkin. Jenna is an activist and someone who is thoroughly familiar with FTW’s body of work. She—with my full backing—will decide what goes up and what does not. Needless to say ad hominem attacks on anyone and excessive profanity are out. (Although occasional profanity might undoubtedly be called for and appropriate.)

This blog is here so that people who care can help each other, and I hope that this blog will provide more evidence of what all of us at FTW have accomplished and of what people armed with a good map can do.

My most special gratitude to Jamey Hecht, Stan Goff, Dale Allen Pfeiffer, Michael Kane, Carolyn Baker, Lindsay Gerken, Dmitry Orlov, and every writer who put FTW on the map over these last eight years.

Michael C. Ruppert
May 1, 2006


FTW admin said...

This comment is an experiment to get the ball rolling, in other words to lure you to this page. Greetings from cyberspace where we eagerly await your comments. (J.O.)

allbetsroff said...

This is so great, and ironically, I found out about this blog through Carolyn Baker's website. I am a subscriber to FTW and both Carolyn Baker and Mike Ruppert have been instrumental in my own monumental transition over the past year. If only more people would take on the psychologically challenging hurdle of reading Crossing the Rubicon, I'm confident that fast-tracking the process of relocalizing, and abandoning the old paradigm could
take place in a much broader and more significant way.

thetalkingowl said...

How much time do we have left till global thermonuclear war begins?

I'm deciding whether to give up my few vices or just say "screw it", move to the beach, enjoy whatever time I got left, and just hope I get taken out by a global warming induced tidal wave as that will be less painful than trying to survive in a post-apocalpytic California ruled by a heavily accented Asutrian dicator.

The Owl

Anon said...

GeeZuz. Finally doing something for the common good without trying to make a buck. Thanks for having a conscience.

the cubist said...

Well done. Thanks for helping us to try the only hopes we have: localized permaculture, comity, and living simply.

" All the Truth asks, and all it Needs, is the Liberty of Appearing." --Thos. Jefferson

waiting4theshoe2drop said...

The American machine just keeps rolling on as if economic growth is going to be like this forever. People can't see past their noses when they gripe about the cost of gas. 9/11 was orchestrated as our entry into the grab the remaining oil game, but at what cost? I think we need to 'compete' for the remaining oil because other countries are in the grab the remaing oil game regardless of our stance. But if insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results, then insanity rules us right now and looks like they will be for the forseeable future. There has to be a better way.

Chris Shaw, feral metallurgist said...

Greetings to all from Australia, land of past-peak-oil and home to Halliburton's overseas headquarters.

The economic looneys are savouring our uranium reserves, and I get the creepy feeling that we are going to make the same mistakes all over again.

Hopefully, peak gasoline and diesel will knock the pieces off the Grand Chessboard.

Look out! She-who-must-be-obeyed (Mrs Thermodynamics) is coming with her vacuum cleaner.

Chris Shaw, feral metallurgist

Solar Dude said...

Here in Vermont there is a budding local food movement thats gaining momentum. We're a very long way from being able to feed the entire population locally however. And climate change seems to be rearing its ugly head. We're in the midst of 10 straight days of heavy rain and widespread flooding. Makes it hard to grow your own food, especially with a short growing season. I'm sure there are better places to be but I'm stuck here for better or worse.

JCSamsara said...

Well, we are moving on. Found out about Peak Oil in 2001ish from FTW. Great Job Mike and crew. We have moved into Phase II of The Awareness.

Lisa said...

Just finished your book Mike and all I can say is WOW! You are either in my opinion one crazy guy or one dedicated, intelligent, destined human being.

greg said...

Hey Jenna
If you are going to be the mosreator it would be nice to
hear from you. How do you get to be an FTW staffer?, do you live in Oregon? Will MIke jump in with updates as needed?

FTW admin said...

Hi Greg

Thanks to you and our other fellow- members of the great Greek chorus which is cyberspace.

Traditionally, moderators keep a low profile but I'll be posting articles as will others, including Mike.

I live in New York and don't know how the folks in Oregon got their jobs but I imagine it was via the usual channels.

thetalkingowl said...

Questions for FTWians:

1. Should I be learning Chinese? I'm thinking China might invade the US via the Pacific Northwest. In that case, I'm thinking that knowing the language will make me more useful to our new Chinese overlords.

2. Let's say I'm deeply in student debt. When the collapse happens and the banks come for us debtors, what are my chances of ending up as a bond servant pulling a plow for some rich Chinese landowner?

3. Assummiing I do end up as a bond servant pulling a plow, what am I going to do for sunscreen? I figure it's petroleum based and even natural alternatives are distributed via oil based transportation networks so sunscreen is unlikely to be available.

What should I prioritize:

1. paying off debt
2. learning Chinese
3. stocking up on sunscreen

Thanks a ton,

The Talking Owl

thetalkingowl said...

Question for Mike:

I have a copy of Jerome Corsi's book and Peter Huber's book. Would you be willing to barter 1 copy of CTR for my copies of Corsi and Huber's books?

I figure that since those two books are rank full of bullshit, you might be able to use them to generate methane as an alt-energy source. Given the amount of bullshit in those two books, I imagine the EROEI of the resulting methane production would be quite high.


The Talking Owl

wiccedwoman said...

Here's some practically useful Aussie resources (from a Queensland eye view):-

Also, I'm getting together with contacts/friends from the Gondwana Centre (about 40 minutes drive from me, but in the same Shire), in the very near future, to facilitate a "Peak Oil" resolution by our local council, Beaudesert Shire. Inspiration from this, on "Energy Bulletin" just recently:-

I'll be distributing the above link to activists throughout Queensland, with info our Beaudesert Shire efforts.

I'm also showing "Imposed by Nature" to our local Chamber of Commerce soon.

I've got the email addresses of all the local councillors in the State of Queensland, plus Qld's State & Federal polticians. Getting a local "Peak Oil" resolution through will mean that the information can be spread very quickly. I've already distributed key "Peak Oil" info via these means - especially stuff by Queensland MP Andrew McNamara (State MP, Hervey Bay). So it's really getting out at local level. I've also got the email address of every local newspaper in Qld - so I've had "Letters to the Editor" printed the length & breadth of the place. And so again, local information can be spread very quickly. For example, Here's one current "Letter" to the press that's popping up all over Qld (definitely the Rockhampton press, they phoned me), there's been others with key info too:-

"Seems Beattie’s out to starve Queenslanders. He wants to drown good farmland with two new dams, just when “Peak Oil” will make mass transit of food history for our kids. Our pollies aren’t too keen on truth re dwindling World oil, or on why they prefer large dams to simpler stuff that’ll save more water. Big reservoirs are better for the big boys, you know – the one’s that are currently privatising supplies all round the
World. Want more info Just “Google” “peak oil” – and then try putting “the big pong down under” into your search engine. Should open a few eyes."

I've also emailed details of this new DVD from "The Community Solution':-

To every school in the State, along with other important background info (and practical stuff, such as the local "Food Connect," site and the local car pooling site). I've had nothing but postitive feedback. My own DVD arrived a few days ago. Stuff Murdoch, we have our own networks . . . and they include local schools, local newspapers, local councillors and local activists. Here's my own site:-

And PS - I love the new blog. Just what was needed.

allbetsroff said...

Yeah. lightening things up is a necessary ingredient in the daily time continuum stew, I agree. Following my relocation from Southern California to my current new home in a wildly contrasting rural environment, I've found great opportunity for easing up a bit and enjoying lighter moments while getting to know the people, their practices and the places surrounding this wonderful new world. And sometimes I just may throw on Tom Waits' Bone Machine or Heart of Saturday Night...

A peon said...

Wow.Hey everybody.Can hardly think where to begin.I guess I'll introduce myself.I'm Chris from Illinois.Like allbetsroff's my discovery of this blog is ironic.I was on the famous MySpace reading posts in a chat group after first making my mandatory check of FTW for updates,and someone provided a link to the website of Daryl Bradford Smith called the "The French Connection" appears to be a smear site similar to your good buddys' at WingTV.He attacks Jenna Orkin for her investigation into the WTC dust complaining that she didn't aknowledge the dust was a result of a demolition.That right there led me to believe the man is ridiculous.I've done enough research at FTW and Mark Robinowitz's OilEmpire to know where discussion of demolition theories lead.He also made the claim that at Jimmy Walter's 9-11 event in New York City on September 11, 2004 you Jenna concluded your talk implying that Osama masterminded the attacks.I then remembered a link to your website in Jamey Hetch's comments on FTW's posting of the Village Voice article "Open and Shut:Four Years Later..." so I decided to check it out for evidence of that claim(of course there was none)and I found the pleasant suprise that is this blog.I have to warn everybody.I am going to be posting as much as possible in this blog,and I hope I don't come off as some sort of blog hog.Thats considering my comments make it past the moderator,Jenna.=)

FTW admin said...

"A peon" wrote:

Ok,I have a couple of questions that I hope will not be viewed as an attack of any kind.I was checking out Carolyn Baker's website,and as mentioned in my previous comment Jenna Orkin's,and I noticed that both provide links to 9/ which I and other subscribers to FTW have recently read is the promoter of the conference that more or less set itself up to be spun by that NY Times article.It just seems to me that providing a link to a website whose credability has been tarnished in the same list as a link to FTW might not be such a good idea.I hate to sound accusatory to you or Carolyn,but I know two things that compell me to ask.One thing FTW has been infultrated in the past and that it resulted in a legal battle that FTW won.Second that it seems like those who have been associated with FTW in the past appear to have wavered here and there in their stances on certain issues i.e. Tom Flocco,Dale Allen Pfeifer(glad to see it appears he and Mike have settled their differences),and a few others who have contributed to Mike's website,but Mike himself has remained firm in his stances concerning 9/11.

A peon said...

I want to address another comment made by thetalkingowl in here.It seems like your list of priorities is in the right order.Getting out of debt is on top.Learning Chinese could be useful in exchanging ideas with those who only speak Chinese.I noticed on the website of a local private college prep. school I attended my Freshman-Junior year in highschool that they have hired a Chinese language instructor.The headmaster there is pretty perceptive and has noticed the volume of China's investiment in valuable commodities and feels it would be a valuable business skill.I have considered going there and suggesting that some of the issues addressed by FTW be added to their curiculum.I'm curious as to what staff members of FTW think of that idea.

As far as sunscreen,from what I have read(see my comment in Carolyn Baker's Blog)studies have shown that sunscreens and tan lotions can actually cause skin cancer,and that the sun can be healthy and cure disease.You should just take care not to get burned by wearing a hat and light clothing.For example,I have read that there is no skin cancer in Africa,and that people there stay in the sun all day with no sunscreen.And,that it is not the pigment of the skin as some suggest,that people with African heritige living in America have the highest rate of skin cancer,and stay in the sun the least.
These and are given as resources for researching the subject in the book I mentioned in that other blog.

FTW admin said...

Carolyn Baker responds to A Peon:


MYSTIC said...

It's strange...When Kennedy was killed suddenly (BIG DADDY GOVERNMENT) wasn't so comforting... It seems to me everyone relied on "THE GOVERNMENT" to take care of them and watch over them. Time marched on and suddenly we forgave but never really forgot. After 9-11 (mass murder) there are clear signs that we as a society or as individuals...NEED TO ASK OURSELVES THIS QUESTION....

"If WE could effect change in our "GOVERNMENTS POLICYS" through uniting peaceably... would we all do it... or have we become cotteled children who are willing to believe our innocent father (THE GOVERNMENT)is providing us with a secure home and stable enviorment???

Part of the preamble states...

WE THE PEOPLE need to learn how to manuever the GOVERNMENT. In a non-violent and legal fashion. We need to work together with THE GOVERNMENT to provide the best solutions. WE THE PEOPLE need to get smart and not be lazy about this and apply ourselves to the tasks at hand. Mike Ruppert is a great teacher... listen and learn... then apply it... he is a great resource for information and motivation towards a unified solution process. He is one in many who can be of assistance. Yes the man does require you spend money to get something...and doesn't everyone..Who here reads books..I do.. so lets say you want to know about STEVEN KINGS NEW BOOK.. well if you want to read that and know about it; it requires you to purchase it...RIGHT : ^ D

Just think about the PREAMBLE and what it says

>: ^ /


Its like I always say...


Rnisson said...

I am a college student currently at University of Maryland. I recently (6 months ago) started reading FTW and after seeing Truth and lies of 9-11 subscribed to FTW. I feel I understand much more what is going on in the world and have become more vigilant. I noticed recently that Homeland Security cut the budget of NY and DC much to my suprise. This got me thinking about the metro route I take to work at UMD each day and its potential for an attack, as the current administration seems to be slowly needing another confirming event to keep the country in line. I was wondering what you all think of the metro as a potential target, and if you think this administration would even consider conducting such an attack in DC. Also, do you think I will be safe at UMD for 2 more years, or should I move to a more rural area? (UMD is inside the beltway)


FTW admin said...

Hi Rob - It's late but I wanted to be sure to acknowledge your question.

You've hit on the best thing to be doing these days which is keeping up with FTW. My personal belief is that doing so may convince you that Peak Oil all by itself is a disaster of such magnitude, it behooves you to leave D.C. anyway. Please don't take this as a suggestion. I am no expert in the matters of where collapse is expected to hit first and how fast it will be.

If, after you continue studying and absorbing the lessons of FTW, the question still gnaws, I'm sure you'll find the right venue in which to get it addressed. (I also don't know what that venue is.)

Green2Go said...

Thank you all for setting up this blog. I also want to thank Mike for changing our lives -- for the better. We've been a FTW member since April 2005. We only wish we had come across FTW sooner! Mike and Richard Heinberg's insight, intelligence, and truth telling helped us get out of the rat-race. Power Down and Crossing the Rubicon opened our eyes wider than they were already. We researched articles, books, and blogs regarding peak oil and its implications. It was hard to make decisions on what to do and where to go. Should we stay in the big city where you don't know your neighbor, have to drive 30 to 50 miles one way to get to work, and rely totally on "the system" to sustain us? We faced hard questions and time was of the essence. We needed to soak up all the information we could and derive at some options. Change is scary but it can also be the best thing for you. For us, moving to a small town where people care about each other and the environment has been a wonderful experience and we are certain we have made the right choice. Already we are active in the community, learning about organic gardening, and trying to live local and sustainably. We have been very fortunate to find a town that not only we were looking for but seemed to be looking for us.

A peon said...

Good evening fellow bloggers.Just curious is anyone else has this problem.My wife wants to leave me because I want to invest $600 in physical gold at Goldline.I'm seriously considering waving goodbye to her.I would really appreciate feedback of any kind right now.

FTW admin said...

hi chris

first of all, i'm not sure most dealers would sell you any amount of gold for 600 even though gold is around 581 per ounce right now. i think they require that you invest in a couple of thousand dollars' worth. (obviously, you should check this out.) you could get silver, though.

but from what i understand, investing in physical gold or silver is considered a smart, indeed a crucial move by those who take seriously peak oil and associated disasters such as the collapse of the dollar.

so financially speaking, i believe your wife is on solid ground. (btw i'm not an economist. but in the last two years i've become a peak oil junkey. those are my bona fides most relevant to the problem at hand.)

maritally speaking, well, you sound pretty shaken as who wouldn't be? the stresses of peak oil are beginning to take their toll. decisions which had previously been matters of preference have become or are perceived as being matters of life and death.

FTW admin said...

sorry chris - i just reread your comment. don't know how i could have gotten it backwards as to who wants to invest in gold and who is considering leaving whom.

the basic arguments of my previouis comment remain the same. i sympathize with your belief in physical gold and presumably, silver.

A peon said...

FTW admin,

Thank you very much for your response to my earlier comment.I don't think I've expressed yet my gratitude that this blog exists.I can now talk to like minded people and get some positive feedback.I pretty much have no one else I can talk to about the issues we're faced with.Any information I try to provide to those I love is ignored and denied.I think it scares my wife,and she doesn't want me to talk about it.

My parents voted for you know who(like it mattered)and their response is similar to my wife's.I have one or two friends that are convinced that something isn't quite right.One of them just kind of nods politely then changes the subject to how the Cards are doing this year,or what kind of Mustang he wants to get.Neither of those subjects concern me very much.My other friend believes,but is skeptical about the advice I try to relay to him given at FTW claiming that Mike is just in it for the money.Having done research at FTW since late 2004 and since then at affiliated sites I am convinced Mike and company just want to tell the truth,and that Mike just wants to do the job he dreamed of doing and was denied in the past:Protecting people.

I kind of feel bad about that last post,and I'm kind of suprised it got published.I know this isn't a blog for marriage counseling.I just got kind of frazzled.Anyways,moving right along...

I did follow the link at FTW to Goldlines website.I don't recall seeing anything about a minimum amount required to invest.I believe you can make purchases under $1000 dollars if purchasing individual coins,which from what I understand is reccomended as it is hard to get change for a 1 oz. bar of gold.However if I want to get that free 100 year old silver dollar I would be required to make a purchase of $1000 or more.

Geeze,just think if I had said $1000 instead of just $600.The missus would have really went through the roof.

I guess I was a little shaken.Looking back over that post I see the second sentence " anyone else has this problem." Ha ha.Yeah.

FTW admin said...

numismatic coins, which are probably the kind you're allowed to buy for smaller amounts of money, are a whole different ballgame from bullion coins. you're betting not only on the price of gold which we peak oil folk think is going way up, but also on the numismatic value which requires expertise and seems unrelated to the price of gold, the reason we're making the investment in the first place. translated this means, BEWARE numismatics.
re your other issue: a lot of p.o. people express the same sense that you have of isolation, being shunned by people in our lives who don't want to hear our doom-and-gloom prognostications. this blog functions as a refuge for all of us. thanks for contributing.

A peon said...

No need to appologize.I stopped for a second when it said "financially speaking...wife on solid ground." and said huh?

Well,after some consideration I've decided to compromise and see if I can't start with a lesser amount than $600. I received a voice mail just yesterday from a representative from Goldline telling me to call them, and that they have good news.They've been calling me periodically ever since I filled out the form at the page the link at FTW leads to so I could get their free info packet a little over a year ago.

I can kind of see how that could be considered harassment as was addressed in a past FTW report,but I really do think it is more a service to the potential customer rather than a greedy desire to get your money for their gold.I realize thinking about it now that they have only called me maybe 3 times in a little over a year,and two of those times were when the price of gold was about to go up and it would have been adviseable to invest.I still haven't called them back yet,but presumably they are calling this time to tell me about the recent dip in gold prices I read about today,and that it would again be a good idea to invest.Another thing,it isn't really as if they demand you purchase gold from them either.Just that it is a good time to regardless of where you go.

A peon said...

Thank you again for the heads up about numismatic coins.I will avoid them at all cost.Run its a numismatic coin!Sorry,I'm in a goofy mood.I guess I'm trying to lighten myself up,it was an intense argument.I guess I panicked a little.I wanted to buy as big amount as I thought she would let me get away with(considering her state of unbelief)before the price goes back up,and I guess I might have overplayed my hand.I had recently read that 4th economic alert(well most of it;enough,I plan on reading the rest later after my head stops pounding),and like I said I panicked and dropped my football for a sec.Something I need to get control of if I want to be effective when the real emergency knocks our doors.I don't want her to leave.It wouldn't really be worth surviving whats ahead without her.I wouldn't be able to look after her and return the favors(shes more organized than me and helped get my rear in gear in the past)shes done for my scatterbrain.

I went back to their website and clicked on bullion coins.I then clicked on the maple leaf and pricing information was available for orders under $1000.Booya for the bullions! =)

Whats really sad to me about the people who can't get past their denial of the ever present doom and gloom never get to make it to the good part.The sollutions/options for jumping off of that train as safely as possible.

metamars said...

Howdy, Mike.

From a 'mechanical' point of view, I see 2 main problems with our 'democracy'. They are a corrupted media, and corrupted, electronic voting processes.

(The big 'non-mechanical' problem is a lack of concern and backbone, which, I confess, I have little idea how to address en masse. I can and do check the health of my own spine, from time to time, however.)

For ways to help address the voting problem, see Also, I had posted a (somewhat sketchy) proposal for an online exit poll on the Randi Rhodes forum, but apparently it was deleted when their system crashed. I haven't been able to find a copy, but you can get a notion (I hope) from :

Regarding the "media mess", another proposal, more fleshed out, still exists there. My boilerplate:

>> Putting the NY Times Out of Business <<
Proposal to replace ALL corrupt media

I have posted a proposal on the Randi Rhodes show forum for replacing our current media with a new, sustainable media that facilitates the selection of "filtering agents". You can think of these as honest gatekeepers that YOU trust - and that keep out trivial information, rather than very important information that groups with economic and other hidden agendas prefer to hide from you.

The thread is entitled: "Putting the NY Times Out of Business"
The thread is subtitled: "Proposal to replace ALL corrupt media"



tahoevalleylinesorg said...

"Second Dimension Surface Transport Logistics Platform"- Special to Jenna, Jan, Jim & Julian-

Long term substitution of the rubber tire economy with the tried & true predecessor, the railway- this is requisite. In 1838 the US Congress designated All Railroads to be "Post Roads", guarantors of SOCIETAL & COMMERCIAL COHESION.

Railways offer at-hand technology suited to direct power by renewable source electricity. USA branchline and electric interurban railway footprint is still visible, and maps, i,e., Thomas Bros. City & County maps of the 1950's can be found, to help see what has been obliterated.

Locale by locale, the interested parties concerned with their future ability to access victuals and maintain regional mobility will independently determine & prioritize for rehab & replacement of former railway footprint. The old City maps will help inform the locale planning bureaus as to the track geometry serving the downtown warehousing.

( article 374 is boilerplate for group discussion, and is suggested reading for political action groups wishing to hitch a ride on the Parallel Bars. Generalities, vague reference to "rebuilding the railroad network" has been OK as long as we could afford lip service.

The time for action is at hand; Barry Commoner, in his important 1979 book, "The Politics Of Energy", makes reference to solar (renewable)powered railways, vastly expanded in capacity & reach. Railways whether run on precious fossil fuels, or electricity from whatever generation source are the most efficient way to convert energy to commercially viable transport of people & goods.

The current emphasis on the village model is not complete without viable transport on a larger than personal scale. Issues of security, down to the neighborhood level, were rationalized with the federal statutes still on the books regarding railway/interstate commerce.

It is true that if you have it, a truck brought it. In fact, trucks or carts or wagons have partnered with the railways thru warehouses, station platforms, and sidings. Some readers are aware of US Mail pick-up and drop-off from moving trains, using "mail cranes", or hooks for mailbags at the edge of the main tracks.
This mention of trucking's role is to allay the all-or nothing aspect of human nature in discussion- obviously, an equilibrium of rail and all complementary modes is our goal. Energy efficiency & sustainability is the obvious determinant going forward.

A word of warning is this: difficulty in advancing the railway renaissance at the local level will center around this period of fossils rollover, or Oil Interregnum. While fuel is generally available even into a rationing syndrome, it will take great political will to proceed with the railway matrix before the need for same is demonstrated. The sad fact is we will become less able to reconnect many of our smaller towns & suburbs, the ones that delay too long into the
"Long Emergency"!

As oil is obtained from wilderness areas like Alaska, wiser political heads must bargain for a large portion of energy obtained from these senitive areas to be dedicated to alternative transport and renewable infrastruture! As for you smug ones doing/thinking Do-It-Yourself Energy Independence, consider the idea of living within a mile or two of the railway platform or siding or spur. Camelot required walls and weapons...

This approach allows for individual effort to locate the nearby rail route legacy of the past, up to larger regional rail network re-connects at the State or Federal level. Are your ears up, MoveOn??

Wayne said...

Another comment about the purchase of gold coins. I deal with a local coin/jewlery shop that has a good selection. Walk in with cash, no ID and no questions, walk out with the coins. Anything from 1/4 ounce coins (about $160 at todays rate: June 21) to bullion bars. See the website for a state by state listing of reputable coin dealers. If nothing listed in your area, try any large reputable coin dealer. Stay away from the numismatic coins.

thereoncewasAmerica said... is great to see another vocal outlet of your knowledge and informational service to the world community. I have become more informed and "enlightened", in large part, as a direct result of your website and then by reading your book, "Crossing the Rubicon". My prayers go out to you and the many like-minded individuals who, it appears, by virtue of their absolute belief in the timeless soul and convicting heart, do the right thing for humanity by exposing corruption and deceit. You are a man of great courage. From us little people out here in "Who-ville", Thank you!


Bankley said...

Just in time too. The hardest part of being aware of the some of the details of that well-dressed darkness that has hijacked the helm and put us all in jeopardy is feeling isolated and ineffectual. It's important to connect with others that already have covered the basic info on the Grand Smoke Screen. Therein lies the strong possibilties for the strength of change. I thank Michael and friends for their courage and work. Particularly for inviting our participation. Nice to be here.

grayfox said...

This is a great opportunity! Thanks, FTW folks!

I've been living in a "Back to the Land" community (not a commune) for the last 30 years and I've learned a few things - but there's a lot more that I need to learn.

A community needs to be able to govern itself and that's a really big deal - something that folks should start experimenting with if they have even a small group of folks to work with.

If community self-governance is too abstract, or too far out of reach for you right now, then another really, really important thing to learn is gardening. Wherever you live, you can grow something. Every season you spend growing even just one vegetable plant, you will learn something. Who knows how many years we have before we will all be desparate for food? Learn to grow it! As the ad says "just do it". Like any other skill, it takes time to learn how to grow vegetables.

Lastly, if you do grow vegetables, learn how to save seed from year to year. A great book to get that will tell you everything you need to know about saving seeds is called "Seed to Seed". Sorry . . . I don't know the author.

Green2Go said...

To put my two cents in regarding money…Yes, money makes it easier to get set up, but community may be the saving factor.

New friends of mine moved to our little town about a year ago. The "family" consisted of two guys and a woman with a child -- all just friends. They pooled their money and bought a nice old farm house with 4 acres. Now sometimes this living arrangement doesn't work out, but sometimes it does. One guy moved back to his home state. Not long after that another man, woman, and child came to live with them. Now they have a house full but the two story farm house had plenty of room. They have a nice sized garden and they have made so many friends and have been active in the community since being here that many have given them things for their house to help out. I know they are all resourceful and they sometimes make do but they truly are happy. It takes people willing to work together, talk things out, and believe in what they are doing. So my point is… you don't have to try to do it all alone. Community and combined living arrangements may be your answer if you don't have the money to go solo. Some would say that community is the only way we are going to survive the oily mess we are in. And like "murph" posted, it all depends on your expectations. We are all so used to having our own stuff, a place to put all our stuff, and making money so we can buy more stuff. Sometimes you have to cut the stuff out (shades of Carlin).

morgan said...

What is your plan tp hold on to your food,land,last of your resources when the goverment comes around or worst yet maruders?

Fight or flee?

morgan said...

another thing this life will not be like the 1930s most farms may have lost a pig or chicken, but this time people will try to con beg plead steal and even kill for
what you have. learn about your enviroment. take what you need ,not what you want,leave a very, very small foot print.
As my uncle used to say to kill a deer, you ether became apart of the deers world or you went hungry
"He wont just jump up on the plate for you"

Green2Go said...

If you are posting to me... I come from a family of deer hunters -- I have some meat in my freezer right now. Not afraid of shooting a gun at four-legged or two-legged creatures. I'm not going to roll over and play dead. I believe in working things out in a civilized manner first -- if that doesn't work...

got to run -- today is target practice ;)


FTW admin said...

larabraveheart has left a new comment on your post "Introductory Message from Mike Ruppert":

Mr. Pfeiffer, and bloggers, I just read Eating Fossil Fuels

Perhaps I am emotionally retarded, but my perspective on the issue is as follows, and I hope you can accept my view as an opposing duality, to consider. In the event you consider it nonsense… I shall not be offended, I hope that you won’t be offended that I consider parts of your conclusions to be based on false myths:--

Remember that old quote about insanity being doing something over and over and expecting a different result?

If you put your hand on a hotplate, it’s going to burn. Cause and effect. If you kick a dog enough times, he is going to bite back. Cause and Effect. If you jump out of an airplane, within the ‘atmosphere’ you are going to come screaming down to earth. Cause and Effect. If you attempt to lead the earth on a path they are not yet emotionally ready for, they are going to call you mad and insane… Cause and Effect..

Man-made Laws of Cause and Effect can be broken or bent:
We – as mankind with language, -- have made many laws, for which we have created consequences for breaking them. Example: Effect of murder in CA is execution, or in South Africa: 15 to 20 years, and so on. Cause and Effect of Man made laws vary from region to region… Got enough money, you can buy yourself less ‘effect’, or even no effect….. Problem is if you get so used to buying yourself out of effect you start thinking that you are a ‘god’ and that as ‘The Crooked E’ movie about Enron says ‘the only law is that there are no laws’.. applies to you… Sorry to say, but it appears that is what America and ‘civilisation’ have come to!

Mother Earth’s and Universal Existential Laws of Cause and Effect cannot be broken or bent:
It doesn’t matter how fervently you ‘believe’ that there is an eternal heaven, IF the truth is that there is no such thing, and ‘you’ are simply one of the redundant beings in the revolving food chain, then it does not matter how much you wish, pretend, dream, hope or pray that you are going to be ‘special’ ‘superior to other planetary beings’ or whatever… You are going to feed the worms. Cause and Effect.

I could of course be ‘wrong’… but I have not yet come across some ‘higher being’ sitting up there in ‘heaven’. My view on god is similar to that of Frankl Lloyd Wright… Nature is ‘god’.. and if I am correct, then God is sure speaking loud and clear! If not.. I am not too attached to going to hell, or feeding the worms, I sure as hell don’t want to go and spend some time in some eternal place with harps and hypocrites for ever.. That to me sounds like hell! But back to the issue:

The ‘reality’ facing us (in South Africa), and quite frankly, living in a developing nation where we currently pay $5 a gallon for petrol, have unemployment statistics of about 40-50%, plenty crime, terrible service… on ‘African time’…. Rolling blackouts due to problems with our nuclear reactor needing refuelling and other problems… about a million people with AIDS…… and yet… no panic has occurred here! Shit we are so lacksadaisical, we don’t even know what ‘panic’ means! I’m not joking! It’s funny and it’s what shall make coping with peak oil, simply a gradual slightly exaggerated reality of what we face daily… no big deal! Some of us probably won’t even notice… Who cares…. This is Africa, this is what is expected.. It’s funny, we laugh, have a coffee, if we can afford it… if not.. we enjoy the sunshine… and keep going.

If I was in America, facing the following two options:---

Life without Peak Oil crises… and continued Overconsumption, continued overpopulation, paradise becomes parking lot nightmare.. with 13 point facial recognition cards… and all the shit that goes with Overpopulation and it’s threats to Democracy (See Asimov’s Democracy of Toilet Theory at


Peak Oil arriving to even the score, cause die off, and remove 2/3 of the population factor… reduce pollution, and what not else…

I prefer the latter option…. In fact the latter option seems to me to be a saving grace… It seems to me to be Earth (God) hearing the call from the oppressed deep ecologists, saying we need to stop this nightmare of overpopulation and Overconsumption.. Please Help Us… and She’s saying, Okay… NO MORE OIL!


Because some people need to WAKE UP AND REALISE CAUSE AND EFFECT:

If people – due to ignorance or attachment to their outmoded cultural belief --- choose, consciously or unconsciously, to breed like rabbits, then they have to take the consequences for their actions..

If alienated people choose to feed their alienated personalities an endless supply of materialistic products, to ‘feel’ superior and better about themselves, as somewhat a ‘superior’ culture or who the hell knows what, then they have to take the consequences for their choices….

I – for one – am definitely not bemoaning the suicide of ‘western culture’ or ‘civilisation’….. I, quite frankly am thanking mother nature daily for joining me and my eco-[Editor has removed word] buddies, as a force which scares the bejeeses out of George Bush and the Pentagon! Damn…..

I don’t care if I die…. Hey, I’m happy to go feed the worms… I consider it an honour!

It appears that there are a great number of people afraid of physical death…. My friends, why do you wish to extend your desperate lives, if you aren’t living each and every minute, hour and day to the maximum?

There was no ‘western civilisation’ for over 15 billion years and the universe survived quite fine without it… what’s all this fuss about whether it dies or lives…?

Perhaps there would be survivors who would suffer the trauma of living through the death of their ‘civlisation’, but if I survive, that type of trauma I shall not be afflicted with.. I shall be just too happy to be rid of the cancer of ‘civilisation’…. Death of my friends, families… Please… we all have to die. I never fail to understand how people who allegedly frantically believe in ‘God’ and an ‘afterlife’ seem to think everything ends when they physically die! Please can someone explain this oxymoronic thinking to me. Either God-in-heaven exists and they will meet again in heaven, or not! And, if so, the ‘dying’ party simply left early on their journey to heaven!

If I survive, I will see my world begin anew… I will see my ‘mother’ earth relieved of a cancerous virus so insidious and so pernicious and so greedy and gluttonous and fake and pretentious and deathlike, and it’s death is nothing short of a miracle for the affirmation of life thereafter!