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May 29, 2010, 2100 PDT –

I haven’t been able to sleep well because of the obvious chicanery, stupidity and deception being practiced by BP, the mainstream media and the United States government. I have not been able figure out how giant plumes could be originating five miles in either direction of the well that is leaking. I wrote to Matt Simmons and this reply just came in. I’m doing what Matt asked, as quickly as I can. Dinner can wait.

…“In my opinion, what most likely happened when one of the largest surges of oil as gas blew out the BOP and within seconds, began melting down one of the world’s most technically advanced deepwater rigs ever built is that just the BOP and wellhead got tossed far away from the well bore but the riser which was attached to the rig floor was separated from the wellhead/BOP.

“What all the black crap coming out to create these plumes are is the oil from the reservoir and it is staying so deep under the ocean surface that only the recent tests by NOAA research vessels finally saw these giant plumes rapidly spreading across the sea floor of the Gulf of Mexico.

“BP is in total denial that this could be real.

“It is time for the government to ask BP to step aside and bring the military into to managing this colossal failure of judgment by BP.

“Spread this news as we all need to better understand what is really happening.

“Very tragic story.


Let me add my thoughts. -- The obvious collusion between the USG and the mainstream media leads me to believe that the USG has known that a nuke would be the only option within a week of the explosion. About two weeks ago we posted on this blog a link to a story from (I think it was) The Telegraph saying that President Obama had dispatched a team of nuclear scientists to study the situation and evaluate the possibility of using a nuke. One was a co-inventor of the H-bomb. It was a credible story that no press outlet followed up on. Why not?

I believe that the leaks are devastating for all life in the Gulf and that large portions of the Gulf will be dead zones from seabed to surface within maybe six months. I believe that an announcement of a pending nuclear detonation will come within a week to ten days. I predict that US Continuity of Government provisions will be activated and that FEMA will, before end of summer, be placed in complete control of the Southeast United States… limited martial law.

I believe that mankind will have a very rude awakening when the nuclear announcement is made. We will be lucky if North Korea doesn’t seize the moment... or somebody else.

The U.S. government must intervene without hesitation. I completely agree with Matt Simmons. The battle now is to save all life in and around the Gulf of Mexico.

It is time to pray.



Unknown said...

Go nuclear?

Technocrats always want to throw another technology at a problem. The idea that technology can clean up the environment by making electric cars is one example. Nuking the seabed to stop an environmental disaster is yet another.

It's been hubris among technocrats that has brought us deep-water drilling "to protect our way of life". The horrific failure of technology sits at the core of this problem. Add nuclear radiation to an existing environmental catastrophe?

Gimme a break.

Will blowing up the seabed actually result in patching the leak? Seems to me that ripping up the natural contours of the Earth's crust is what brought on this trouble. But if geologists are convinced that more damage is necessary to stop the existing damage, certainly there must be powerful explosives that do not emit huge amounts of practically eternally radioactive poison.

To me, this BP fiasco highlights the thorough overshoot of technology, beyond its mandate to make human life easier. The bees are dying, the people are coming up with cancer, the forests and fish are almost gone. It's time we pulled back from our whole industrial fantasy and decided to live with much less of it -- especially since it'll be going away anyway.

No nukes!

Bench said...

A nuke? Seriously? There has been a lot of discussion of Simmons' recent comments over at The Oil Drum and the consensus seems to be that he is out of his mind in this regard.

The comparison has been made that detonating a nuke anywhere in mess that is the current oil leak is approximately the same as detonating an explosion in a pile of jello or pudding. Do you really think that will stop the flow of oil?

Anonymous said...


The simple answer is that the large plumes being discovered are not originating five miles away. Plumes do not equate to leaks. All the plumes that are floating around in different places could and almost certainly did originate from the main leak site.

There is zero evidence and very little reason to believe that there is a major leak 5 miles away.

I repeat, ZERO evidence. Matt Simmons doesn't know what the hell he's talking about (in this specific instance) and has more or less fabricated this dark apocalyptic fantasy out of thin air.

Your crazed prediction of nukes and martial law is going to seem really, REALLY silly a few months from now when the leak has been plugged and even most of the people in Louisiana have turned their attention to college football and whatever the latest media circus may be.

Yes, this is an environmental disaster, but it's hardly the end of civilization. Society isn't going to break down over this. Nature will recover faster than you imagine.

Get a grip!

toner deeski said...

nukes are not good.

LeoBro said...

I'm with eyeballs.

The story of the previous failed BP well is worth learning more about. Where was it in relation to this new pllume? Reportedly that earlier well was drilled too quickly causing "the bottom of the well to split open."


"Williams says going faster caused the bottom of the well to split open, swallowing tools and that drilling fluid called 'mud.'"

"'We actually got stuck. And we got stuck so bad we had to send tools down into the drill pipe and sever the pipe,' Williams explained.

"'That well was abandoned and Deepwater Horizon had to drill a new route to the oil"'

Saoirsí said...

I apologise; with no disrespect intended towards anyone, I have read this several times now, tried to pick it apart, and I still don't get it, even allowing for txt msg spk/emailese:

*“one of the largest surges of oil as gas blew out the [Blow Out Preventer]"


*"...and within seconds, began melting down one of the world’s most technically advanced deepwater rigs ever built"


*" that just the [Blow Out Preventer] and wellhead got tossed far away from the well bore"

So, both the hose clamp and the tap came off the wall, so to speak - and got yanked/spurted across the garden?

*"...but the riser which was attached to the rig floor was separated from the wellhead/BOP."

Now I'm losing it: the big "outside" hose which was attached at its end to the lawn paddling pool (I know I'm stretching this metaphor beyond breaking point), that also came off the clamp/tap...

... does that mean that the inside [drill] pipe stayed on? Or did it all come off? The drill pipe is attached to the Blow Out Preventer and Well Head still? Where is all the stuff we see on the feed coming from?

*“What all the black crap coming out to create these plumes are is the oil from the reservoir"

Fair enough. But I don't understand - is it coming from the actual, original site of the well-head? That means the Wellhead and Blow Out Preventer was dragged/blown/drifted a few miles from it? And what is coming out of what we are seeing? Where does that come from?

*"...and it is staying so deep under the ocean surface that only the recent tests by NOAA research vessels finally saw these giant plumes rapidly spreading across the sea floor of the Gulf of Mexico."

Get that, I think.

Not trying to be a annoyance, but I really don't get it still. Thank you all for the site and info.

Ex Pluribus Unum said...

The suggestion that FEMA, COG et al may be put in place is an ominous one. It may explain certain recent posts and postings, raises a lot of questions about the age and nature of other questions in re: second plume, amplifies concerns about ties between government, industry and others, and raises an awful spectre about false flag and other related matters.

Unknown said...

I'm, hmm, dang near "speechless". A nuke sounds desperate, dangerous and dumb. Maybe there IS no answer; maybe the entire contents of this well will just have to empty out into the gulf and beyond. Maybe the only possible good thing to come out of this will be a bitchslap of reality to the American public!

Unknown said...

I'm, hmm, dang near "speechless". A nuke sounds desperate, dangerous and dumb. Maybe there IS no answer; maybe the entire contents of this well will just have to empty out into the gulf and beyond. Maybe the only possible good thing to come out of this will be a bitchslap of reality to the American public!

Scott Schneider said...

The nuclear angle has received zero coverage from mainstream media.

But the irony is that the situation already has "gone nuclear" - in the equivalence of destruction that this debacle is accomplishing on par with nuclear detonations.

Thus far humanity (it's not just BP or the US govt.)has not risen to the challenge.


Anonymous said...

@eyeballs The nuke option is a good one, they did this in the Soviet Union several times with similar problems.

Basically they drill another hole at an angle towards the current leaking well, at maybe 5000 feet or something. Throw in a nuke, block it with cement and kaboom! The nuke basically throws so much shit with so much force towards the well that it squishes it together, thus stopping the leak.

In the Soviet Union this only failed once, and every other time there was no residual radiation on the ground or sea floor.

Romeman said...

Matt Simons in his Bloomberg interview (see last video here ) has said that the Russians have already used nukes to stop similar situations.

Unknown said...

I don't know how a Nuke is supposed to fix said problem. How do you get it down deep enough? Drill for another month anyway? they already have those relief wells going. Detonate above and hope it compresses everything shut? No criticism, just want to know the science behind it. All I can find is useless blogs and half-assed opinions. Someone fill me in!

Ex Pluribus Unum said...

oryzen said...

"I don't know why this comes as a surprise. Within the first week of the Deepwater Horizon blow out BP and main stream media where stating this fact. Whats next? Workers on the oil rig heard 3 explosion several hours before the rig burst in to flames! that was also main line news 3 weeks ago.

Wake up people"
May 28, 2010 3:00 PM

That was a comment here:

Brett said...

Can it really be that bad to warrant fears over North Korea?

I ask in all sincerity.

Andrew C said...

This is unsettling. For some clarification, the reservoir he is talking about is the underground reservoir, not the contents of the oil rig itself?

And the only real option is a nuclear one? There hasn't been anything similar done in the history of the earth, so how do they know the affects of detonating a nuke with plumes of millions of gallons of hydrocarbons floating near by?

This is incredibly sad news.

agape wins said...

Gamedog, 5,30,10; 1:50am.

You still can't/won't explain tall legs, tall, narrow wheels; as compared to short, wide tires?
Here is a hint, think overweight, First World, Men, Women, Children, & even Fat pets.

Your positive option:

"The effort, and dwindling resources should be spent on real mitigation strategies,"

The "Strategies" you name are being used, (with small effect), & mostly ignored by the Sheeple!

" rather than just plain wasting resources,"

MAN!, the "Resources" are gone, everything is polluted,
Contaminated, & overextended; that is why Mother is winding down!
The Gulf is going, let's see what "Resource", in what "fringe" area, we can exploit next.

"They've KNOWN this shit was coming since at least the early 1970's."

Shit, I was taught it in 4th. grade, that was 1944, I am sure some CEO was smarter than my

"It's a fucking masterplan, and people have been/are being programmed to enact it for them."

That was my point "Gamedog is playing the game by "Their" rules"; break the rules, better yet, make up your own! It seems to work for a lot of those who see themselves as "Oppressed".

I hope to laugh with you after this is over, if age is not a factor.

F.Kamilov said...

Yes Mike, I agree...things are all taking shape, and the jigsaw is being completed whether geopolitically or whether "naturally".... the latest volcano is now in Ecuador (Yesterday, after Guatemala the day before)...after all, they are all part of the same Universal mosaic - and 2012 - and let face it, all this is happening not because it has to, but because Humanity has to be corrected. So let us pray...for that is in What Direction we are Being Steered...for the Lake in Pakistan, the next 24-48 hours are critical...and God knows what will follow for this decayed country afterwards...but I can see that it is all for Our Good...we need to redcognise the Divine, and follow the overall picture...and not according to the already present cut and dried neroses we call (our) religions - they actually constitute the trouble in themselves...

marianne said...

Please make this clearer to me. There were 3 holes? Now there are 2, but MILES apart? So, are they aiming at plugging ONE of them, or both (all 3)?
Who actually said: Nukes? Really!
This is just too much!! To hell with BP.
Does Haliburton have no responsibility? In the beginning, BP pointed fingers at operator of rig, who pointed out Haliburton for failing with the seal.

martypantsROK said...

I, too, find it difficult to put faith in a nuclear explosion solving all our problems. In fact, I believe just the opposite - it will make things worse. In addition to the enormous amount of oil in the gulf, coupled with the freaking huge number of gallons of toxic dispersants put into it, and now throw on top of that a load of radioactivity?

Let's make it even more of a disaster - won't a nuke create a gigantic tsunami of that pile of garbage I just described?

I'm adjusting my collapsenet skill set to include making it easier for ecological refugees to assimilate into the Korean culture. I'm even more glad than ever I moved from my home in Texas to this crazy country. I have more faith that I'm safer here, despite Kim Jong Il's crazy antics, than I would be back home.

RanD said...

The "Big Question" is "why are we foundering"?... instead of working to understand EXACTLY what's going on with Earth's human condition so we can do something intelligent about it for a change!

Eyeballs could not be more right on target.

Nuke the problem?! MORE insanity!? You and Matt Simmons are clearly masters at understanding the ins-&-outs of Peak Oil and its ramifications, but neither of you have a clue about what is ACTUALLY at the root of PO and what's destroying our planet's ability to prevail as a living phenomenon!

Nuke the problem?! You need to wake up! It's an ideo-psychologically ingrained duplicitous mindset that is creating the problems we are spreading across our planet!

"It'S TIME to pray"?! What the fuck are you talking about?! Praying is a constant never interrupted state of consciousness! Not something one does only when it looks like everything is going to hell!

Your so-called "life boat" is a black hole, GOD dammit!

Donald said...

Mike, I don't think nuking it is an option. The Russians have done it successfully, but it likely won't work for this spill because the soil around it is loose-packed sandstone, not igneous basalt like in Russia. Nuking it would likely just blow it open, not stop it.

Anonymous said...

While I'm no oil expert, I feel the use of a nuclear device would be one of the stupidist decisions that could ever be made. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there a massive store of methane gas inside that well? A nuclear explosion could trigger an even larger explosion of biblical proportions, with additional fuel from a supply of oil estimated in the billions of gallons. Then there's the risk of earthquakes, emission of noxious gases and total destruction of ecosystem of the entire Caribbean area. I read somewhere there are fires in wells or mines that have been burning out of control for decades. Given the size of this well, we would surely be setting off a doomsday situation with the use of a nuke. Let's all pray for divine guidance. The world can't bear a mistake on this one. Write to the White House, your representatives, BP today and urge them not to allow this.

Mr. Kowalski said...

Nuclear explosives do come in smaller sizes; we have them in artillery shells. If nothing fixes this mess by next weekend, Obama will have to seriously consider this last resort, desperate measure. Even if it's done, I seriously doubt martial law will be imposed.

Unknown said...

Yeah, ok, technically what it's called is a "construction-type nuclear device". Calling it a "nuclear weapon" is like calling a stick of quarrying dynamite a "grenade". What do you mean, it has the same effect?

A construction-type nuclear device has a far smaller kilotonnage and would be exploded far beneath the seabed - it's used to create a shockwave, as in an earthquake, which moves a large volume of earth (or seabed lols), which in turn crushes out the leaks. If you did it right there probably wouldn't be even be much* radiation leakage.

* Well, obviously some, but hey, whose side are you one - ours or the oil slicks?

RanD said...

Some genuine pure good stuff:

vinny said...


Mother earth is pregnant for the third time,
for we have knocked her up.
I have tasted the Maggots in the minds of the universe,
for I knew I had to rise upove it all, or drown in my own shittt!

Maggot Brain is a state of mind, and then the condition and position of your ass will follow....

We are just a biological speculation, sittin here vibrating,....
and we don't even know what we're vibrating about.
And the animal instinct in me wants to defend me...
makes me want to live when its time to die.

I know Law and Order must prevail,
but if and when the laws of man are not just, or fair,
then the laws of nature MUST do her thang.

She does not think.
She works by instinct.
Survival is her thang.

Its not nice to fool Mother Nature.
The proud mother of God like all "Ho's" is jeleous of her own shadow.

WHO IS THIS BITCH, who wants to be Queen for a day?
Who would sacrifice the life of her great-grand son's and daughter's,
by sucking their brains and takin away their ability to think, til they're fat, horny and strung out, in a competetion to be Queen for a day?....Who is this BITCH?

And we're all a part of America

George Clinton

David Bates said...

Okay, I'm missing something here. Not to waste your time, Mike, but could you please elaborate? I have been following this thing, but I'm not clear on all the technical terms involved. Even if my understanding of Simmons' explanation is correct, it still doesn't tell me why other plumes would be originating from other parts of the sea floor miles away -- and do we actually have confirmation that they are, or is this speculation? Clearly another plume has been found, but stories describing the scientists' work indicate that they weren't able to find the edge, or a source.

I also seem to recall reading a story (linked from your blog, I think, but I may be wrong) in which someone was saying that a nuke could cause the sea floor to collapse and basically rip the lid off the oil reservoir -- as opposed to puncturing the lid, which is what we have now). And if there are in fact two or more plumes originating from two or three individual leaks and they are miles apart, notwithstanding the power of a nuclear detonation, would that even do it? Would more than one be required?

This is a tragedy of the highest order. If I went to the beach here in Oregon with can of gasoline and poured it in the sand or in the surf and a cop saw me, I'd be arrested. When are we going to see executives from BP cuffed and frog-marched into prison?

Carolyn Baker said...

Time to pray? There are many ways to pray. One is to go inside oneself and start asking the deeper questions. One of those could be: What is the collapse of industrial civilization asking of me? What is my purpose and my work in all of this. Another might be: Who do I want to be in the face of collapse and the end of the world as we have known it.

Humanity has created a monster that it can no longer control with certainty. We are now being confronted with "the gods" (as the ancient Greeks would put it) that our hubris has refused to recognize. That is to say that we are now being faced with unprecedented cataclysm(s) that are confronting us with questions of meaning and purpose. People who are not preparing emotionally and spiritually for the future are likely to break down. People who are doing that preparation are likely to break through.

Mike and I recommend my book Sacred Demise: Walking The Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization's Collapse.

Another way of praying is to grab the hand of some trusted other person and share your grief, rage, fear, and despair. Talk about it, help each other, work with each other to prepare yourselves and your community. There will be countless crazed, terrified, cratering people around us who need our help. It's time to make our lives be about service to the suffering. It's not about trying to wake them up because they won't awaken, but when TSHTF, we may be able to help them make sense of what happened, and we may be able to mutually support each other.

Whatever ways you know to pray, use them.

MikeH. said...

I don't understand why the explosive device HAS to be nuclear?

From the descriptions I've read in the previous comments, it sounds as though the proposed device is set up, basically, as a huge shaped charge, intended to provide a (more or less) predictable result. (ie. collapsing and closing off the well holes)

What critical role does the device's radioactive material play in achieving this goal?

DAVID BATES... re: "When are we going to see executives from BP cuffed and frog-marched into prison?"

I would hope they would be in the group immediately preceding all those treasonous leaches that, at present, occupy many of the seats in our government.


Unknown said...

They're discussing this blog post over at the LATOC forum.

There's a bit of debate about the possibility of this being a false flag op. Somebody mentioned Goldman (without a link), which led me to Google to find this.

Huffington Post: Goldman Sachs Reveals It Shorted Gulf Of Mexico

Of course, the question is really moot anyway, the end result is the same.

Godspeed, Mike and everyone else.

businessman said...

Having the government take over could end up being BPs dream in terms of them arguing in court in the future. If the nuclear detonation gets out of control, or makes the situation worse, BP will argue that the majority of the problem was caused by the government's intervention, and that it's the American people who are now on the hook for much of the liability.

Peaked said...

Mitchell, that's a satirical news article.

The only thing I'm sure of is that pending a whole hell of a lot of clarification, Simmons' explanation doesn't make the least bit of sense. I, for one, am no longer inclined to trust him, and I'm very surprised that Mike hasn't been more critical.

--mf said...


The BOP and the wellhead are still there-- I've been watching them for over a week.

Things we know:

-- The cementing job had problems and was probably weakened by gas getting into it.

-- If gas got outside the casing, it would begin to find the easiest path to the seabed. This could be a crack or fissure, or soft part of the strata. Once it gets there, it will exploit the escape route, and oil will follow.

-- A mile of riser pipe smashing down on the seabed, along with an enormous drilling rig, may well have created plenty of new cracks in the seabed strata.

-- We witnessed a seabed venting of Methane last week, and watched the subsequent blowouts in real time last Sunday, 23May2010.

Seabed Venting:

Seabed Blowout:

-- This massive flow has been ongoing for over a month. Casing walls, and annuli have to getting warn down by now. If they have not yet eroded though, they will soon.

The Bots are currently working on cutting away the bent riser, and the BOP top in preparation for the next BP Braintrust operation: the LMRP Cap.


toner deeski said...

Love the Funkadelic reference Vinny. Two of my favorite albums. They were considered to be crazy voices from the wilderness too.

Unknown said...

buaguy, oops you're right about the article being satirical. I should have read more carefully.

I too am confused by Simmons' explanation, the hasty composition notwithstanding. Its foggy incoherence is certainly at odds with his ability to write and speak clearly about peak oil in general.

Jim Bowery said...

An inverted standard steel reinforced chimney (sealed from water at the ends) filled with thermite, positioned right over the well should do the trick.

signalfire said...

"The U.S. government must intervene without hesitation."

Yeah, what could possibly go wrong once the US government gets involved?

Time to stop smoking the pot, Mike. You're starting to sound like an idiot.

signalfire said...

"I too am confused by Simmons' explanation, the hasty composition notwithstanding. Its foggy incoherence is certainly at odds with his ability to write and speak clearly about peak oil in general."

Yup, but it could have just been Mike's version of it. Without hyperbole, he wouldn't have so much to write about.

What Matt Simmons was trying to say(I think) is that the explosion was underground also; the entire oil formation fractured and is leaking from other places under tremendous pressure.

Basically, we drilled into hell.

OregonSurvivor said...

Regarding the martial law scenario, a question. A federal state of emergency was declared shortly after 9/11, triggering the continuity of government provisions and essentially establishing a dictatorship and martial law. From the Federal Register quoting the President: "The terrorist threat that led to the declaration on September 14, 2001, of a national emergency continues. For this reason, I have determined that it is necessary to continue in effect after September 14, 2009, the national emergency with respect to the terrorist threat. "

So we are already living under martial law / dictatorship, aren't we?

Bonus question: Why have we heard next to nothing from FEMA regarding this situation? Shouldn't FEMA be in charge of this, as the Federal Emergency Management Agency? Take a quick look at the FEMA website. Funny, there is not even a mention of this emergency situation. Does FEMA only respond to "natural" disasters? WTF??

OregonSurvivor said...

Go ahead and ask, we won't tell: Access Denied

Elmo said...

Sometime I think you guys want the world to end even more than I do!

F.Kamilov said...

"Some pure good stuff..."

I would call it eye-opening rather than good alone - even for those who have their eyes wide open to see things. It points to issues I have always being trying to get across to "you" about "them".

Elmo said...

"Basically, we drilled into hell"

Well, it had to happen sooner or later! :)

john mccarthy said...

And, the well head is 6000 feet below the Gulf's surface. And we have a hole drilled to 18,000 feet which reaches the oil field below.

What we don't many breaks in the pipe from 6000 feet to 18,000 feet? Five, ten, 100?

How big is the actual oil field?

How much pressure is being exerted from the oil field?

What to do?

In unconventional demolitions application, an 'economy of force' method of destroying a bridge support column would employ an 'earmuff' configuration of equal amounts of plastic explosive, directly opposed to each other and detonated simultaneously.

As the shock waves meet from these two explosives the power generated from such a configuration is exponential.

This principle accomplishes a greater heaving force than conventional application of force.

It would work the same with nuclear demolitions and require far less 'yield' to accomplish the same task.

The task would be to fracture and compress the bedrock between the well head and the oil field.

As in 911, the radiation problem can be addressed by the use of a pure hydrogen nuclear device which leaves no nuclear radiation.

Deuterium and Tritium found TOGETHER in the basements of the WTC complex prove, without a doubt, that a pure hydrogen bomb was used in the destruction of the WTC.

RanD said...

More re "Some pure good stuff...":

"We" always give attention to and appreciate information that comes to "us" about "them", whoever "they" and whatever "their" socio-psycho-environmental situations might be. To best come to know and appreciate "our" fellow "others" typically includes understanding "their" circumstances; thereby such understanding "we" also come to better understand "ourselves", too. So:

We thank you very much for your eye-opening response; sincerely, R & D

Zeke said...

As with everyone else, I've been following this disaster and watching the rhetoric escalate beyond believe. It's, especially, interesting in light of the disasters the US has left all over the planet. Just when it's in our little corner of the world does the craziness start. We're already way, way beyond our technology so lets step a giant step further. Nobody knows what will happen if we "nuke it" which seems to be an American rant for every problem on the globe. Maybe we need to take nuclear weapons away from the kiddies and let cooler heads make the decisions.

William Jorgensen said...

I knew we were screwed when I saw the very first satellite photo - when was that released?

It appeared, and still appears, that I'm the only one who thinks this is a planet-killer. It seems even the doomers can't see what is obvious, probably because most doomers are Americans and national xenophobia is so universal that only the fate of America is really important... it doesn't matter if the world ends if America is certain to fall.

The United Nations should call an emergency meeting to take control from America, who can't admit that they mightn't be able to repair the problem and don't have enough assets to - literally - save the world from yet another American-made world-wide disaster.

Riddle me this: what happens when an entire sea is dead from top to bottom, one the size of the Gulf of Mexico? Answer: The bacteria that eat the petroleum die for lack of oxygen and the sea grows as it meanders with the weather, growing exponentially each time it the weather shifts it. The result will be a dead zone, invisible in the water at its boundaries, its borders will only be recognised by the death of animals in its path as it expands across the length of our planet's oceans.

In six months the size of it will be way beyond control using all of mankind's assets. Six months later it will have tripled in size and killed of most of the central Atlantic ocean. Six months later, unless the North and South Atlantic currents shut down, the west coast of Africa and the west coast of Europe will be dead.

All the numbers have been wrong by many more than the several magnitudes mentioned in all the doomer blogs, including this one. Everyone keeps talking in million of gallons when they should be speaking about millions of barrels. There are 42 gallons in a barrel, people! Remember that number, 42, forty-two, FORTY-TWO!

As the Security Council is made of competitors they are keeping quiet for now, even though one or two of them could easily pipe up and declare they have an answer. But at some point they will start to panic too and that's when it will be too late for all of us... our species wiped out by one nation's xenophobia and everyone else's wish to see it go down for that elitist philosophy.

Cam Mather said...

Scary stuff! Scary times! Challenging Times! Never been a better time to start preparing and making yourself more independent. "Thriving During Challenging Times, The Energy, Food and Financial Independence Handbook" is the roadmap to help you prepare and make yourself resilient to these shocks.

rockpicker said...

Why not drop a cast iron plug, slightly smaller in diameter than the 21" well casing, (some long, heavy cylinder) down the well casing and fuse it to the casing, using thermite? Melt the whole goddamned pipe and plug together, without fracturing the surrounding sea bed?

Anonymous said...

In response to just Jon Singler below ....

No Jon - the very reasonable conclusion that there is at least one other much more serious leak several miles away is based on flow-rate calculations based on the the size of the leaking pipe.

And I just saw another interview with Simmons on Bloomberg - he says that actual rate is now about 120,000 bpd - not possible for that tiny pipe they'd like us to believe is the ONLY source.

And in response to anyone who questions the efficacy of using a nuclear device to cave the leak from 18,000 feet below the ocean floor - various nuclear powers in the world have collectively conducted roughly 2000 underground tests since 1945 - if a guy like Simmons says its our only hope, I trust his judgement.

Anotherplayaguy said...

Time to pray?

Let's keep on the ball here and not go off into never-never land.

Prayer has never been demonstrated to work. All it does is makes the pray-er feel as if he were doing something when, in fact, he's not.

Time to punt possibly. Time to grab a sheet, wrap oneself in it, and head to the cemetery.

Prayer, not so much.

To which god does one submit this prayer? Who is the god of oil? Other than Halliburton, I mean.

HUD Home Blogger said...

though mr simmons may have a gloomy outlook, the realty is most energy producing facilities, and many water reservoir systems are aging and not able to keep up with demand. Oh and lets not forget the diablo canyon nuclear reactor sitting on several
fault lines, I believe mr simmons perdition is not an if it happen but when it happens.