Friday, January 27, 2023

From Jenna Orkin

  1. ChatGPT CEO says the worst case for AI is 'lights out for all of us'
  2. Science has finally cracked the mystery of why so many people believe in conspiracy theories

    So distinguishing between plausible and implausible conspiracies isn't easy. And we might be more likely to fall for the implausible ones if they're being spouted by people we trust.

    Biden vowed to punish Saudis over oil cut. That’s no longer the plan.



    200 asylum-seeking children missing from U.K. care, sparking outrage

    FBI shuts down major ransomware gang that targeted schools, hospitals

    Gun owners favor requiring parents to lock up weapons. It’s lawmakers who don’t.

    New York City Completes Construction on Latest American Transit Disaster

    East Side Access is 60 years in the making, 14 years late, $7.5 billion over budget, and a curse on the agency that built it.
    The eviction of L├╝tzerath: the village being destroyed for a coalmine – a photo essay