Wednesday, August 10, 2022

From Jenna Orkin

Northern Mexico has a historic water shortage. These maps explain why.

Director General Grossi Alarmed by Shelling at Ukraine NPP, says IAEA Mission Vital for Nuclear Safety and Security

We removed a tweet promoting our recent doc, "Arming Ukraine," which quoted the founder of the nonprofit Blue-Yellow, Jonas Ohman's assessment in late April that only around 30% of aid was reaching the front lines in Ukraine.

France’s Nuclear Woes Will Worsen Europe’s Power Crisis

Russia suspends US inspections of its nuclear arsenals under New START treaty

A law forbidding presidents from destroying or mishandling records could be why FBI agents searched Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home

The National Archives and Records Administration says Trump took 15 boxes of documents to Mar-a-Lago from the White House.

Kewsong Lee's decision to step down as Carlyle chief highlights the challenge private equity faces when transitioning from founders

Kewsong Lee to step down as Carlyle's chief executive, investors Bain and Redwood have figured out how to tap into the $28 trillion home-equity market, and VCs are raising cash at record pace.

Norway draws up plans to slash energy supplies to Europe, driving power prices to record highs

Exclusive: Paul Manafort admits he passed Trump campaign data to a suspected Russian asset

Trump's former campaign chair tells Insider he shared polling data with longtime business associate Konstantin Kilimnik to help secure business deals.

Feds likely obtained 'pulverizing' amount of evidence ahead of searching Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, legal experts say

During an extensive review process, Donald Trump's FBI appointee Christopher Wray most likely had to approve the search warrant.