Saturday, July 15, 2006

When Last Week's Terror Seems Like History

Jenna Orkin

When last week's terror seems like history
as with an addict who seeks newer thrill,
the mutual destruction of Israel
and Arab world replacing Kim Jong Il,
When leaders who should model saving grace
are, rather, all-consumed with saving face,
and hopes of peace grow by the day more faint,
allusions to it brushed aside as quaint,
When hurricanes swirl metaphorically,
sooner, more intensely than before,
the dollar falls as the sea level climbs
so even Murdoch longs for boring times,

In refuge from outrageous Fortune's slings,
it helps merely to contemplate true things.


Raviolissimo said...

"Foreign companies buy U.S. roads, bridges"

what rhymes with bridges ...

Dennis from Oregon said...

fridges.. Yeah I know, not really a word. But if they start chargin tolls on the roads they may get bare..



Where ya going with this???

Clueless in Oregon

Chris Shaw, Australia said...

Money is the best way there is
To put the greatest distance
Between our actions
And their consequences

Said the Tasmanian Premiere
As he wiped his arse with a forest.
(bleached of course,
and two-ply).

Said the skanky chimp
As he hacked the tree of life
To get the topmost fruit,
(he couldn't stand heights).

Rice Farmer said...

TV standby buttons will be outlawed

Jenna Orkin said...

chris - fascinating poem. if it's by anyone but you plz let us know because there are legal issues.


Leigh McKeirnan said...

There is a show on some channel tonight at 6 pm but I can['t remember what it is or which channel-just that I was to tune in at 6pm must be going senile-any ideas?

Chris Shaw, Australia said...

Mine, all mine.... but do have some, it's free.

Love.... Chris XX

Rice Farmer said...

Pentagon and Peak Oil: A Military Literature Review

Ronan Jimson said...

Great Work!!!
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Edward said...

Who's blog this is I think I know
His computers are in pieces, tho'
He will not log me surfing here
To steal his FTW Administrato

The ISP must report my ass
To the NSA, for lingering here
The only other sound's the sweep
of roving wiretaps for AT&T to take

The NYT blasts propaganda
from Karl spewing like a giant panda
and Jenna Orkin's on my mind
and Jenna Orkin's on my mind.

Leigh McKeirnan said...

Is anyone else having trouble loggin into FTW-encroachemnt #4 I think it was is not opening up for me-will try again-of course I pass everything around. Hey me personally I don't give a damn what anyone's sexual preference is but on they revealed in the blog the exact comments of Bush and Blair...hmmm some Christian right will be upset about that-that is if they even hear it.

samz said...

D&D: Point Men for a Gang of Crooks

Dubya & Dick's Gang: Crooks of a higher order than any crooks to ever control an administration in the United States. As all (except those who have been either buried under a rock or located on another planet) must know: That includes some BIG crooks! As most agree, the way to tell if any politician is lying is to see if his/her lips are moving, but Dubya & Dick are doing a lot worse than lying, a LOT WORSE. Thanks to their ability to lead innocent sheep to slaughter, it’s too late to ensure they don't have four more years to create a world driven by their vision of what the world should be: A world ordered for their, and their corporate cronies, well being and continued economic prosperity. The rest of the world is of no particular consequence to these people; only their concerns really matter. Not being one of Dubya's self-proclaimed Base - "The Haves and Have Mores" - that scares me, considering what they have already done to hurt America. It will surely take more than my (and my children’s children) lifetime to recover from what they've done to us in the world community alone. I think about the entire world I've seen and how those same places, actually the people in those places, considered Americans as I went around the world. I don't know if I'd be visiting some of those communities these days. Thanks to Dubya & Dick's policies to provide for THEIR world, the rest of us are not in the equation, we are of no consequence, just a necessary evil which must be dealt with to further their corporate greed, regardless if it's good or bad for the rest of America or the world. Their notion that they alone can control this world is against all that America's accomplished as the world leader in coalitions to triumph over wrong. There was a time we had the respect of the world, now we have the scorn. The Elite have brought the Ugly American out and are shoving it down the world's throat. The real question is: What have these crooks done to improve your life in the last six years? This administration's record says it all: DUBYA & DICK and their GANG of CROOKS must GO!

zeeland said...

It seems everything Bush does irritates me and "rubs me the wrong way" excuse the pun. Do you find this gesture by Bush towards the Chancellor Of Germany innappropriate? Would you ever do this to the opposite sex in a professional setting?