Monday, June 26, 2006

Urgent Message From Mike Ruppert

Between the hours of 7:30 P.M. Sunday, June 25 and 7:30 A.M., Monday, June 26, the FTW offices were burglarized. Four interior doors were smashed with a sledgehammer. All seven FTW computers were transported to a central location in the building. Their covers were removed and they were also smashed with a sledgehammer. No other significant property was taken and there was no other damage to any other fixtures or furnishings.

An active police investigation is underway with a named suspect. I do not believe that this incident was the work of the U.S. government. I do believe that this is the work of an organized meth ring that I prevented from infiltrating my business. As Dmitri Orlov has noted in Post-Soviet Lessons for a Post-American Century, when societies collapse, organized crime becomes much more assertive. As beautiful as Southern Oregon is and as happy as I am to be here, the challenges that will be facing all of us as Peak Oil hits are making themselves known.

We have ordered new computers and should be able to retrieve or restore most of our data. However more than one hard-drive will require expensive high- tech recovery processes. In all probability FTW will not be able to upload to our website for one week from today. When we come back online I will have a more complete story with photographs. Please do not send emails. We cannot read them.

Michael C. Ruppert

Mike is asking that this message be distributed widely until he can get back online.


Jenna Orkin said...

When Mike called to dictate the above message, I expressed the concern we all feel for his personal welfare. He said, "If they kill me, Dick Cheney will hunt them down like dogs to prove he didn't do it."

Bambitroll said...

Please invest in some kind of back up solution for your PCs. This is a very small investment and you will always have all your data available. Do not hesitate to drop me an email if you need help (juan AT and I would be happy to help you for free :)

Bambitroll said...

Please allow the RSS feed for this blog... it would make it soooo much easier to follow :)

Tate said...

Even if it turns out to be a meth ring, I would have to wonder whether they took marching orders from someone behind the scenes.

I just don't understand how FTW's business is really all that attractive to a meth ring.

Maybe extortion, but why extort a company that makes it's business identifying the biggest criminals it can find?

Don't those guys normally go for easy targets?

And don't their targets usually deal in cash and obvious illegality?

I may be missing something in this story, but something doesn't add up to me so far.

Tate said...

Is it usual for a meth gang to act alone in carrying out an attempt to infiltrate a high-brow and low-cash, complicated structure that investigates some of the biggest criminals in the history of the world, quite effectively I might add?

I don't know.

Longtime readers will be suspicious and desire answers.

I take this as a possible symbol that our US government may finally be ready to hit out against opposing truth movements, starting with leadership.

Anonymous said...

Are there going to be plans to accept donations to help cover the costs of the vandalism?

Anonymous said...

Mike and FTW staff,

Please keep in mind that you have the moral support of thousands of folks who are encouraged and and bolstered by your efforts.

You've been infiltrated and faced setbacks in the past and you'll face similar attacks in the future. We appreciate what you and your staff do to bring forth news and information that broadens the perspective of your viewers and subscribers.

You might consider a secure storage option for your data. I've used redundant backup procedures in the past, with short term daily backups residing on a backpack drive that is removed from the office each evening, and with daily system backups to CD-ROM placed each morning in a local safe deposit box.

Other options include regular downloads to a secure mirror site, which can be achieved with relatively low maintenance costs.

Either way, I'm sure that I'm speaking for all of your readers when I offer you our encouragement.

Jenna Orkin said...

from carolyn baker:

I am not an expert on meth rings, but in this particular instance, FTW could have been an ideal cover. Mike is a longtime criminal investigator, and if he says that this was not the work of the U.S. government, I believe him. He of all people should know, having had so much painful experience with operations of the feds against him for so many years.

Jenna Orkin said...

daithi wrote:

"I do not believe that this incident was the work of the U.S. government. I do believe that this is the work of an organized meth ring that I prevented from infiltrating my business."

I didn't know that they limit themselves to cocaine.

Jenna Orkin said...

from john ennis:

I just checked through the Medford and Ashland papers online, no mention of this is made

nes718 said...

Sorry to hear about this Mike.

Anonymous said...


I agree with Amon. Keep going for that degree and don't worry about the "S" hitting the fan. We can not let the fear of change scare us into paralysis. An important thing to consider is that you are beginning to form an insight that is putting you far ahead of the rest of the players in the game (the ones that are not thinking ahead to Peak Oil).
Also...don't feel alone on not having many resources. Even though I offered to donate some money to help FTW back on their feet from their vandalism, I too barely scrape by week to week. I'm just very grateful that there are people out there like the FTW team...we've all got to help each other sometimes, Marc. Hang in there man! ;)

On to another subject...

As far as the vandalism goes...I'm going to put some faith in Mr. Ruppert. We don't have enough information to start formulating theories. Now I'm not one to put anything past the government, but I know there are far easier ways to destroy data. It could even be done without entering the building. This seems like it was meant to be a message more than anything else. I could understand why a meth ring would want to infiltrate Rupperts' presence in the community. Think about it...he has broke open vast drug rings. I've heard on the street, more than once, that you should keep your friends close but your enemies closer. If you were running a drug ring wouldn't you want an inside scoop if an investigative journalist had anything on you? I would. I'm sure Mike will have some juicy information for us all in no time.
I'm glad that no one was harmed during the event. I am hoping that this motivates the FTW team to make daily back-ups of their data and store them in a secure location. Due to the sensitive nature of their work, I'm sure that they don't want to just leave their data floating around several different online servers.

ps: Hehehe...but you might as well sweep the place for bugs...just in case, Mike! ;)

Jenna Orkin said...

MySolarVillage has left a new comment on your post "Urgent Message From Mike Ruppert":

Make sure you get plenty of security cameras...

I have a friend here in Austin Steve at

they have ALL kinds of video cameras and recorders...

some that don't even look like cameras....

and offsite replication of critical data is also important...

this was done to send a MESSAGE, the next message may not be as kind to the human body...

keep wearing that BPV

my solar village

Tate said...

I agree with Matt Savinar on the warlord thing... that is our future in the States.

I went to the Ukraine last summer. Wow, those Taxi drivers love to talk about the local mafia.

We drove all over the place visiting wineries with taxi drivers yapping on an on about all of the warlord castes and tactics.

My wife speaks Russian so I got to understand the nuances of it all.

One thing stood out clear: everybody pays. That is the law. Like Matt said, even an organic garden... Hell, the old lady selling sunflower seeds was hassled for not paying! That was one of the stories. Her son stood up for her and was shot. Ha ha... there was even a caste of criminals covering sales of sunflower seeds by the bus stop.

Sorry for making light of the incident. It isn't the loss of life that is funny it is the level to which humans can go in order to live off of someone else's work.

Anyway, as structures breakdown, that stuff is coming our way. From the looks of things, more sooner than later.

Jenna Orkin said...

comments are generally edited or rejected either on legal grounds or because they violate the ground rules laid out by mike in his introduction. i don't remember the specific reasons in individual cases.

btw some comments are arriving in duplicate, triplicate and quadruplicate. if anyone knows why this is, please enlighten me.

Tate said...

btw some comments are arriving in duplicate, triplicate and quadruplicate. if anyone knows why this is, please enlighten me.

When new folks at hit the "Publish" button repeatedly, this is the issue.

Jenna Orkin said...

To Dennis from Oregon:

I've found your comment. It's interesting and helpful and I immediately sent it to FTW staff who were available at the time, saying I'd save it for Mike when he's back online. But there are legal reasons why it was inadvisable to publish it. Thank you greatly for your insights!!

Jenna Orkin said...

from Carolyn Baker:

Hi Marc. I understand your frustration about living in Albuquerque and not having a sense of community. I live in the Las Cruces area and have even less of a sense of community. Although that's frustrating, I've found that my community doesn't have to be local. I have a website which I'd like you to know about: I publish the latest news stories on it--especially those connected with Peak Oil, climate change, and economic collapse. Subcription is free. Please visit my site, and if you want to talk more, contact me at: Please do try to read Rubicon. It's the best "map" on earth.

Carolyn Baker

Jenna Orkin said...

Thank you JMC. That's a rousing comment.

Some of the comments you refer to were written in the event of particular scenarios; they didn't intend to imply the writer would submit to a warlord without a fight.

Also I doubt that the women who frequent this site are worried about over-developed muscles. But your own transformation is inspiring.

A peon said...

I was just sitting here cruising down the information superhighway when I found an article you might see on FTW's stories from around the world.Read here

Lara Braveheart said...


Thanks for the ‘special note’ on equality! I spent 14 months in a South African prison, for contempt in the face of the court. It occurred during my ‘terrorist’ criminal trial (Charge: bomb threat to the local international airport, shutting it down for a couple of hours). The Magistrate and Prosecutor were ‘hard of hearing,’ endlessly and I finally wasn’t going to put up with their BS. I said “F*&k You”, very loudly to the Magistrate about 7 times, with the one finger sign. (Yes, they listened after that! I got a suspended sentence for the bomb threat and Malicious damage to State Property).

I am white (my former husband is African American, and has been doing time in CA’s prisons since 1982). I was deported from the USA in March 2002.
I was the only ‘white woman’ in prison, and no the mass-media’s ‘rainbow forgiveness nation’ don’t exist in South African prisons -- understandably.

To tell the truth, it was not my big muscles (I don’t have many, being more into yoga and flexibility) that kept me alive, because twice I was assaulted, and twice the individuals who assaulted me – had the entire room (about 32 enthusiastic other rather violent women, most of them in for murder, and definitely lesbian while in prison, etc.) for back up, and twice the assaulters simply walked away.

It was not my ‘muscles’ they feared, it was ‘my lack of fear’.

When they hit me, I simply stood my ground, was totally present in my entire body, every single nerve ending was alive, and I stepped forward looking deep into her eyes, not with anger, but just totally calm and without any tonal aggression, and said, “Are you done now, or do you want to hit me again?”

Another time I was told, they had it in for me – the AWB F&**&*G BOER’. I was going to be their upcoming weekend entertainment. So, the next morning I informed the guard I was going to do some spiritual practicing in the yard, while the other’s had breakfast (from where they could see me). I took with me a bottle, to a little patch of grass in the middle of the yard. There I got totally naked, and pissed into the bottle, then I turned East and rubbed the urine all over me, and sat down to meditate for about 10 minutes. The prisoners and guards went ballistic, screaming, laughing and not knowing what to do. I totally ignored them, just calmly meditating. Afterwards I got up, got dressed, went and had a shower and went to breakfast as if nothing happened. They all thought I was stir crazy (which at times I have been, but for good reasons, even if not ‘at first glance’), and for the rest of my 13 months, I was entirely left alone by the prison population, except a few who ‘befriended’ the crazy whitey. Later before I left I was told, I was a 'whitey' who wasn't scared of them, but not cause I was willing to use violence to intimidate and oppress them! Hmmm!

In the end – I was their ‘entertainment’, but on my terms! I set the prison on fire, and for that I got 3 days in maximum security in the men’s section, handcuffed 24/7, as well as both legs chained to the bed, with no mattress. Interesting that was!

Mike will attest to this: No amount of intellectualising about ‘hardship’ or ‘struggle’ or ‘adversity’ can bring you close to the wisdom that experiencing it, and confronting it with open arms, during the experience (not running away from it, or attempting to avoid it with drugs, denial, etc) can.

You are on this planet to 'grow your soul' and capitalism and 'comfort' ain't gonna do it in 1 million lifetimes! Only adversity is going to!

These days if any of my fellow prisoners see me on the street, they laugh, call over to me, and come and say hi.

Perhaps that may not be a bad idea for preparing for post peak. Post Peak 101: Go spend a couple of weeks or months in the slammer, and get some ‘street-smarts’, not to mention some contacts! Mike can confirm, when I first moved into Oakland ghetto, I was the only white for blocks. They all thought I was an undercover cop! Months later, they were ‘Hey white trash!, how ya doin?’ I’d be ‘Hey Nigger, Get yo lousie black stinking ass in here’!

With that. Mike, Canada is helluva cold. Africa be a bit warmer on your crowned jewels, if you gotta do some naked meditations, for the meth crowd! :-)

For everyone else: Instead of seeing Peak as some horrible future, imagine it as an evolutionary challenge, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and physically. To tell the truth, I look forward to it. It’s gonna be one heck of an adventure, and if I don’t make it all the way through (physically). Hey, guys, become a Buddhist, you’ll have another life to do it all over again! So, if I don’t seeya down in the African sunshine (all welcome! to this eco-commune), I’ll see you in our next life, or next, or next! :-) Big FTW HUG!

Jenna Orkin said...

Bruce Eggum has left a new comment on your post "Urgent Message From Mike Ruppert":

I think this is more than a meth ring. I did a google on my name and my personal information From The Wilderness is the first thing that comes up. I would like it off the web! Perhaps others have been "published" also. Bruce

A peon said...

Well,sorry guys.You can disregard the link I provided seeing as it no longer leads to the same article.I guess it changes daily.If you still want to see it,search for the Wednesday,June 28,2006 White House Briefing by Dan Froomkin,special to the Washington Post.It was an article about a program called SWIFT,and the article New York Times published that Bush and Cheney are so mad about exposing their dirty little hands in the cookie jar.

plaiche said...

Buffett is all over derivatives in other recent pieces too:

craniac said...

Smash computers with sledgehammer? Isn't that kind of noisy? Your office is in the middle of the forest or something? No security?
It's all very strange.
If you want to mess up somebody's computers, it would be much easier, quieter, just as fast, and more interesting, to just open up the cases and take out the hard drives. Pop them in a bag and you're out. Only a screwdriver required.
So the intention was... to make a lot of noise??
I would call this an Act Of Terror, because the motive seems to be to cause fear, rather than steal money or information.

Nick Kasimatis said...

Mike, Sorry to hear about the break in and good luck with the investigation. I don't know anything about your personal living situation or Southern Oregon but I do know that living outside of the "comfort" and "security" of mainstream culture can result in strange neighbors. Thanks for all of your work and look forward to hearing more news! peace

Jenna Orkin said...

from Larabraveheart:

Effecting an experiential paradigm “I” to ‘i’ shift to viewing Post Peak as an exiting adventure….

The following mosaic is a combination of my own perspective, which i blend into a ‘literal mosaic,’ adapting the writings of other experts [1] to [4] on the issue to fit the aforementioned ‘theme’.

Consider the following parable:

Once upon a time, a group of brain cells calling themselves “I”’ debated the relative importance of the rest of the body. Some suggested that the body was dispensable. "After all", said one, "we are the only cells in the body that know that we know things"…."Why just think of the awesome accomplishments we are capable of!". And they all thought... thinking that they were separate from and superior to the rest of body. [1]

Occasionally a brain cell (calling itself ‘i’) would realize that it was one with the entire body; but it was usually martyred trying to tell the others about this good news. You see, the “I” brain cells had convinced themselves that they were destined to leave the body and dwell in a place called heaven. They also assumed that the rest of the body, and ‘i’ brain cells who were at one with the body, were not really alive at all, they were just an inexhaustible supply of "resources" for the benefit of the brain. Needless to say, the health of the body worsened by the day and was soon on the verge of dying. [1]

Do “I” exist? [2]

Some clues from science. The most obvious (and scary) conclusion from modern neuroscience is that there is simply no one (i.e. an “I”) inside my or your brain. The more we learn about the way the brain functions the less it seems to need a central controller, a little person inside, a decider of decisions or an experiencer of experiences, an “I”. “I” am simply a fiction, - part of the story my brain tells itself about a self (me) within [2]

Why do “I” believe in a self that does not exist? [2]

In the same way as my body is the result of gene replication, my mind’s thoughts are as a result of meme replication. My brain is the unwitting host to an enormous baggage of both useful and useless, some even harmful meme-complexes. One of those is the concept of ‘self’, “I”, “myself”! [2]

What is a meme?

The meme is a unit of information (or instruction for behaviour) stored in a brain and passed on by imitation from one brain to another. Dawkins (The Selfish Gene) gave examples; ideas, tunes, scientific theories, religious beliefs, clothes fashions, skills. [2]

Why do I say that my ‘self’ is a meme-complex? [2]

The concept of “I”: works the same way as other meme-complexes. Like other meme-complexes, the idea of “I” had a good reason for being installed in the first place, and as all things is not entirely un-useful. It is with language that “I” really got going, and where “I” appeared. With language i could unite a whole host of memes and call them ‘my’ beliefs, desires and opinions. Once “I” was in place, and installed, the memes “I” chose as my beliefs, ideas and opinions, were the ones, which mutually supported that “I” exist. Any and all ideas that got into my brain – that became ‘my’ ideas, were winners, and ‘I’ got quite attached to quite allot of them, “my” opinions became winners, survivors! Before “I” knew it, “I”’ was a vast conglomerate of successful memes. Of course there was, nor is no “I” who ‘has’ opinions. [2]

So, in such a way the whole complex of “I”, “me” “mine” became resistant to evidence that “I” did not actually exist! [2]

The “I” concept is obviously a nonsense when ‘i’ think about it. Yes there is a body that says the words ‘I believe in being nice to people,’ and there is a body that is (or is not) nice to people, but there is not the body doing the actions of speaking and doing, as well as the ‘self’ who ‘has’ the belief. (They are one – ‘i’). [2]

Now “I” have a radically new idea of ‘Who i Am’. “I” am really, ‘i’ - just a temporary conglomeration of ideas, moulded together for their own protection. The body typing these words is a creation of temporary gene-complexes, which although unique, the genes themselves all came from previous creatures, and will, if i reproduce, go on into future creatures. The mind in this body is a creation of temporary meme-complexes, which although unique, the memes themselves came from previous creatures, and will, when ‘i’ speak, write or communicate, go into future creatures. That’s all. [2]

For a long time “I” did not see it this way. “I” believed there really was ‘someone’ inside to do the ‘believing’, and really someone who needed to be protected. This is the illusion, this is the meme-dream from which “I” woke up, and became ‘i’ again. [2]

Once i started to think this way a truly frightening prospect opened up. “I” had become used to thinking of ‘my body’ as biological organisms created by evolution. Yet “I” still liked to think of ‘myself’ as something more. “I” was in charge of my body, “I”’ ran the show, “I”’ decide which ideas to believe in and which to reject. But did “I” really? Once ‘I” began to think about selfish memes, it became possible that ‘my ideas’ were in my head, not because “I” really ‘existed,’ but purely because they were successful memes, convincing ‘i’ that I am more, ‘i’ am “I”. [2]

All ‘i’ really am is the product of two blind replicators, genes and memes. [2]

All those thoughts that are filling my head, are simply memes that happen to be successfully exploiting my brain-ware at the moment. ‘i’ can noticing these meme’s buzzing through my brainware, but ‘i’ don’t have to get attached to them, as somehow defining ‘me’. They are just meme’s, all have the capability of being useful or useless, in the moment, depending on the circumstances. [2]

The problem was that “I” didn’t see it this way. “I”’ believed there really was ‘someone’ inside, ‘me,’, “I”, who did all the believing, and who needed to be ‘protected’. [2]

The range of what “I” thought and did

was limited by what “I”’ failed to notice.

And because “I” failed to notice

that “I” do not exist

there was little “I” could do

to change;

Once i noticed,

that “I” do not exist,

i could be here and now,

without any “I” baggage of rules and shoulds.

“I” no longer shaped the range of what ‘i’ think or do.

i do, and “I” be damned,

now shapes the range of what i think and do.

(An adaptation of the poem by R.D. Laing)

Mike said it – paraphrased as – its how we think about something before we think about it.

Margaret Mitchell explained it thus:

Until you’ve lost your reputation (ego),

You never realize what a burden

It was or what freedom really is.

As ‘i’ identify less and less with the "I" ‘i’ am more at ease with everybody and with any future life may bring. ‘i’ am no longer afraid of being hurt or not liked. ‘i’ no longer desire to impress anyone. ‘i’ relish in the relief that ‘i’ don't have to impress anybody anymore. Happiness beyond my wildest “I” dreams! ‘i’ no longer feel the need or the compulsion to explain things anymore. ‘i’ don’t require apologies anymore. ‘i’d much rather someone say “‘i’ve come awake," than hear them say, "I'm sorry." [3]

Why would ‘i’ demand an apology? Even if someone supposedly was mean to me, the truth is: Nobody was mean to me. Somebody was mean to what he or she thought was ‘I’, but not to ‘i’. Nobody ever rejects you or me; they're only rejecting what they think you or ‘i’ am. But that cuts both ways. Nobody ever accepts you or me either. Until people come awake, they are simply accepting or rejecting their image of you, their idea of who you are, the “I” you are being to impress them, or gain their favour. Their “I” has fashioned an image of you, and their “I” is rejecting or accepting that. Their ‘i’ couldn’t care less, and accepts your ‘i’ as he or she is, because essentially they are ‘one’ with all there is. [3]

One of the main discoveries of meditation, is ‘i’ noticing how “I” struggles to relinquish her illusionary control, based on all her ‘should’s’ for impressing everyone so “I” can be revered. [4]

The idea isn’t to get rid of “I” but actually to begin to take an interest in ‘i’, to investigate and be inquisitive about ‘i’. The ground for our curiosity is ‘i’, noticing “I”, and how “I”” continually wishes to run away from the present moment, how “I” wants to avoid being here just as ‘i’ am. [4]

That’s not considered to be a problem; the point is TO SEE IT. [4]

Loving kindness to ourselves doesn’t mean getting rid of “I” or anything, we can still be stir-crazy, angry, timid or jealous or full of feelings of unworthiness. It’s not about trying to change, and be better, it’s about befriending who we – ‘i’ - already are, but who “I” is in denial about, and wants to run away from confronting, pretending to be anything but. [4]

As we ‘i’ notices “I” and – in that noticing “I” becomes less attached to thinking that the best way to live is to try and avoid pain and just try to get comfortable, a much more interesting, kind, adventurous and joyful approach to life develops. ‘i’ no longer cares whether the object of her inquisitiveness is bitter or sweet. ‘i’ leads a life that goes beyond pettiness and prejudice and always wanting to make sure everything turns out on “I”’s terms. ‘i’ begins to lead a more passionate, full and delightful life, realizing that ‘i’ can endure a lot of pain and pleasure for the sake of experimenting with ‘i’’s various responses to the experiences life bring, and for the pleasure of finding out who ‘i’ is in various circumstances and what this world is, how ‘i’ ticks and how the whole universe just is. [4]

If “I” is committed to comfort at any cost, dictating responses based on “I” meme-complexes based on various political, religious dogma’s, rather than who ‘i’ is in the moment, as soon as “I” comes up against the least edge of pain, she runs away, and “I” never gets to know what’s beyond that particular barrier or wall or fearful thing. ‘i’ however can notice “I” frantically wanting to run away, but ‘i’ can simply ignore “I”’s ranting, and stay, face and confront the pain, without judgement, simply right here, in the moment, with curiosity and openness. [4]

With such a paradigm shift, not only is Post Peak an adventure, every moment, every conversation, every day, every dream, every tear, laugh, scream, holler, silence, listen, speak, is an adventure. Every moment is priceless.

There is only one way in which every being is equal. Every being from King, to beggar or murderer has 24 hours a day, no more, no less.

Only those who are afraid to live fully and passionately in the here and now, need eternal-life-in-a-bootlicker-sycophant’s-paradise in some obscure future.

“The universe holds it’s breath as we choose, instant by instant, which pathway to follow; for the universe, the very essence of life itself, is highly conscious. Every act, thought and choice adds to a permanent mosaic; our decisions ripple through the universe of consciousness to affect the lives of all. Lest this idea by considered either merely mystical or fanciful, let’s remember that fundamental tenet of the new theoretical physics: Everything in the universe is connected with everything else [I]. “

“Our choices reinforce the formation of powerful M-fields, which are the attractor patterns that influence others whether we wish them to or not. [II] Every act or decision we make that supports life supports ALL life, including our own. The ripples we create return to us – this, which may once have seemed a metaphysical statement, is no established as scientific fact [III]. “

“Everything in the universe constantly gives off an energy pattern of a specific frequency that remains for all time and can be read by those who know how. Every word, deed, and intention creates a permanent record. Every thought is known and recorded forever. There are no secrets; nothing is hidden, nor can it be. Our spirits stand naked in time for all to see – everyone’s life, finally, is accountable to the universe.”

[I] Bohm, D, Wholeness and the Implicate Order, 1982,

[II] Sheldrake, R, A New Science of Life, Essay in New Scientist, and ‘Formative Causation’, Interview in Brain/Mind Bulletin, 1981,

[III] ‘Test Supports Sheldrake Theory,’ Brain/Mind Bulletin 8:15m September 12, 1983.

--- Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour, by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., page 148 – 149.

“I” think’s she is separate from other “I’s” and unconsciously reacts to life, based upon that precept.

‘i’ knows she is connected to all other ‘i’s’ and, consciously creates life based upon that precept.


‘i’ = D.M.W. (Lara Croft’s Dead Man Walking!!! ;-))

“I” = W.M.D. (in more ways than one!)

[1] Stories within Stories, by Michael Dowd (

[2] Waking from the Meme Dream: Paper presented at The Psychology of Awakening: International Conference on Buddhism, Science and Psychotherapy, Dartington, 7 – 10 November 1996, by Dr. Susan Blackmore, Department of Psychology, Univ. of West of England.

[3] Compassion, by Anthony de Mello – Jesuit Priest

[4] Wisdom of No Escape, by Peman Chodron (


Jenna Orkin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jenna Orkin said...

larabraveheart's work with that submission seems to lie largely with compiling it rather than writing it. but it must have taken a fair amount of reading to have come up with quotes that flow into each other like that.

having read the passage once, i'd say it was an answer to descartes' 'i think, therefore i am.'

the answer is: 'no you're not. anyway, you're not unique. you just think you are and have gathered evidence that you think proves you are.'

however, the ultimate intent of the passage is to reassure rather than put down.

Jenna Orkin said...

larabraveheart writes:


Hi…. Thanks.. yeah, still around, still nutty and loving life.. you? ;-)


If you see the Buddha on the Road… Kill Him! ;-)

Larabraveheart then writes a long response to Matt, but Lara, could you please send that to him via his website? The conversation is getting way too off track for us. Many thanks!!!!

Jenna Orkin said...

as i responded elsewhere, posts may be rejected either on the grounds of relevance, legality or because they don't meet the criteria set out by mike ruppert in his introduction.

Jenna Orkin said...

since your more recent post has been published, we must conclude that the rejection of the previous post was based on something beyond that simple allegation.

mike has stated on this blog that when he's back online, he'll give us a fuller account of what happened. it should not come as a surprise that details are withheld while a police investigation is underway. thus i also wouldn't expect the upcoming account to contain everything one might want to know.

Jenna Orkin said...

nolacaliente -

not sure how you reached this thread but some news alerts are posted on the original blog: of course they lack the crucial element of mike's analyses.

Jenna Orkin said...

a couple of us have spoken to him. he didn't mention anything about being detained.

Tate said...

I have a comment about the timing of all this.

1 - Mike's office gets pillaged by meth middlemen.

2 - Alex Jone's barely escapes detainment and arrest by Canadian secret service, an associate who met him there was threatened to have his "arms chopped off" and "sent to an eastern european torture facility"

3 - Scholars for 9/11 Truth is under Attack Member's children threatened by name, teacher's position under assault

It doesn't matter what you think of these men.

It matters that something seems to be going down on leaders of the broadly described "truth movement".

Anyone else have suspicious news related to this idea of "threatening the truth leadership"?

Shrink Rat said...

I'm a doc in the southeast who has been a member of FTW for a year. My membership ran out on June 30. I am going to renew my subscription as soon as stuff is up and running again.

Is there any place to send donations to in order to help with this situation? Also, can we get updates on what is happening? In terms of rebuilding the data base etc.? Getting back online?

All of us are worried sick - at least I am worried - about the situation, the health of the staff, and what is going on. Could you guys in Oregon please share a bit?
dr. rw

Jenna Orkin said...

thanks, doc. i too am worried but with far less justification than you since i've been in touch with ftw staff. their health seems to be fine. they're working hard, as you might imagine, to get back online. many thanks for your concern!! (that goes for everyone else too.)

Em said...

Hey, Jenna, did anybody respond to your question about why posts seem so be coming in in duplicate or triplicate? I've noticed when I post on some of these blog sites that sometimes there's little or no confirmation that what you've submitted has actually "taken" ... maybe people are resubmitting? (I resubmitted 3 times on Feministing yesterday, because I got absolutely NO word that the submission had gone through)... Just a thought.

BTW, I haven't posted anything for a while...I wanted also to say how sorry, and concerned, I am that the attack happened.

Jenna Orkin said...

thanks, marianna
yes someone said that people submit multiple times which was the mundane explanation i expected. so far the record number is five emails all repeating each other.

btw, ftw seems to be back online!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Anderson said...

Monday, June 10th...When I saw your message in my email box this afternoon, I almost cried. I don't think you know how much some of us, who have enough to do just to keep our heads above water and not be baboozled by the killer chimps in D.C., depend on you, Goff, Austin Fitts, Kane, Albrecht, and the help us interpret the madness and insanity that IS the U.S., and indeed, the WORLD these days. I don't know how you will reorganize after the break-in...I just hope you can STAY on the scene! Give 'em hell, Mikey!